Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tangled up in Green

Lush and green...the rain has certainly worked its magic (and its destruction) too, over the last week.

Now, after the cyclone and rain...that ever present moist, damp, tropical air envelops us!

Well, that's Queensland in February I guess.

Once the rains ceased, we couldn't wait to get out and about and enjoy that sunshine.

But first, a cool, slow stroll through the gallery...and then lolling in the sculpture garden.  Nice!

I felt tangled up in green.

Nope, with all this beauty around you, you wouldn't be dead for quids?
Oasis verde!!!!  I'm heading there.  Around the corner and down the stairs…let's go!
Love these gorgeous muted shades.
Into the cool of the gallery....and past the ikebana....always lovely!
Madonna Staunton's exhibition.....I just let those muted colours wash over me.  A glorious lesson in colour composition and more.  My next post!!
The Bather....striking a pose.
Whenever I go into this sculpture garden at the Queensland Art Gallery, I'm reminded of the time I sat in Rodin's garden in Paris, and sketched his magnificent sculptures and those roses.  Had the best time!
Looking at the Rodin sculptures…their angles, curves, spaces, light and shadows….my wonderful art teacher guided and advised. Thank you Pauline.  Next time you happen to be in Paris, and if you have time, do a drawing class….you'll love it!
Note to self:  Bring pencils and paper next time and draw in here. You don't have to wait to go to Paris Robyn!
A lovely corner loll about and dream in.
Watching the floating clouds above.
A little bit of foot dangling….and wave making. Good one!
Shadows on concrete walls are also beautiful artworks don't you think?  Natural artworks that move!
The Visitation....she looks a little worried I think.
Grab a chair, a cool drink….and just be.
Splish, swish, splash, splosh....background music on the terrace..
Yes, the birds are nice...but not when they steal your pistachio biscotti.
And I wasn't going to argue with a beak like that!
Looking, looking, looking.....
Apollo….standing guard.
Going my way?
And then, zooming home in the cool of the afternoon....with the roof down.  Fabulous!!

As I said, you wouldn't be dead for quids would you?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Rains of Ranchipur

I'm bunkered down here see, northern Queensland is in the midst of a very big cyclone.

It's called Cyclone Marcia...and she's quite angry.

So I'm just taking it easy and enjoying the rains...the "Rains of Ranchipur" as a friend is wont to say!

Actually, this rain reminds me of the time I visited Alcåzar, in Seville, Spain.

The hubster and I were chasing the sun…Paris had been raining for months and months and months…so we headed south to Seville for a few days to boost our Vitamin D levels!

We'd always wanted to see Alcåzar, too, that beautiful royal Moorish palace and garden smack bang in the middle of Seville.

However, those Parisian rain clouds followed us…nothing but rain all the time we were there…but oh, those rich colours!

The rain had intensified the colours too…making them rich, glossy and bright.

So I'd like to show you some of that glorious Alcåzar colour….and contrast it with black and white images of one of our beautiful, Brisbane parklands.  Hope you like it.

Colour blocks from Alcåzar, Seville:
Black, white, grey, green….now there's a collage/drawing coming up!
The "Rains of Ranchipur" poured on Alcåzar when we visited….a bit like Brisbane at present!
The palace and gardens are spectacular….and if ever I need a little inspiration I consult
these colour images….WOW factor personified.
Slow Stroll through Roma Street Parkland
And now...let the influences and inspiration commence.  Guess what I'm doing for the rest of the day?

I've already printed, glued, scratched, scorched and scraped….now to cut, rip and assemble.  

Great day for it!

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