Friday, 6 February 2015

Succinct and To The Point

Went on a promenade in Brisbane Town the other day to see "Performance Now".
Had to pass Parliament House on the way.....always lots of promenading in and around that majestic house.
Anyways, the blurb for the exhibition said:

"Performance Now brings together work by some of the most significant artists of today to explore the ephemerality of live performance and how this is captured by artists and transformed into new work that contains the power and content of the original."

Not particularly succinct and to the point I grant you.
Clifford Owens...Anthology (Nsenga Knight) 2011 - 2 digital prints
But, in a was.... brilliant!  Now that's succinct and to the point.

That's what William Kentridge asks of himself in his brilliant interview (see below).  He asks, "Can you be succinct and to the point.....for the general public?"

Enjoy?  I certainly did.

The video performances were varied, mysterious, wild, mad, abstract, funny, disturbing, crazy, interesting....and definitely worth the time.  I'm going back again!!!!!!

So pull up one of the gallery's bean bags (tho getting up is always a bit tricky these days ) and ponder their meaning!
This is brilliant.  I hope it plays for you.  It's on Youtube.

William Kentridge...Drawing lesson 47 (Interview for New York studio school) 2010
4 minutes....but do enjoy!

William Kentridge pondering some big

Can you be succinct and to the point....for the general public?

Can one teach Art?

What makes you tick?

Can you say anything about truth and beauty?

You (William) could be talking about mayonnaise or tabasco sauce (i.e. when describing his Art.)

It's really of no value whatsoever (i.e. when commenting on his freshly created artwork.)

Here's William....refining his artwork with a drill.
"It's feeble" says William.
William Kentridge is, of course, an amazing artist.  His drawings, etchings, videos are exceptional.
Allora and Calzadilla - Stop, repair, prepare: Variations on Ode to Joy, No. 1 2008

Always more than one, inside the piano, pushing it among the audience
and playing upside down.  It's an option!
Spinning a hula hoop....a metaphor on life?

Not really sure what this was all about....but the little people looked interesting....and I'm sure they were
saying something really interesting too....but I just couldn't hear them!

Thought provoking and powerful stuff.
Kelly Nipper...Floyd on the floor 2007
This video performance was an interpretation of Hurricane Floyd....8 contemporary dancers with an enormous striped parachute....curling, swirling, heaving, lifting across the square dance floor.

Heaps more on offer too.  But I hope this is just enough to whet your appetite.

I think I need to go back!




  1. Hi, Robyn! As a rule I take weekends off from blogging, but I just returned from a trip out of town and I didn't want to miss this fine post of yours. That video was very well done indeed, and hilarious. I wonder how many takes it took to execute and edit it properly. Thank you for showing us the highlights of Performance Now. Eyeing the majestic architecture on the way to the event was a thrill in and of itself.

    1. Yes wasn't it part of William being the serious artist...and the other being the self-critical artist. It was hilarious I agree with you....I really enjoyed it. William Kentridge has many videos on he 'draws' with multiple video takes is really interesting. A great artist!

      And thanks for noticing the 'majestic architecture', if I did a post on that House Shady it would most certainly be hilarious!!! Oh mustn't be cynical!!!

      Have a relaxing Sunday Shady.



  2. What a pity I won't be around to see it.

    1. Never mind Deb. Lots to see in Oxford etc etc etc!



  3. Ummm!....always wanted to play piano from the inside. Enjoyed the video of William Kentridge.....definitely entertaining and enlightened me for more a creative use of Alan's cordless drill!!!!(As if he'd let me!!!!!) Jude

    1. Get that drill out Jude!!!! I can just see you now in Le Shed....creating "Another Masterpiece"!!!

      Just don't tell Alan!


  4. Gosh Robyn.....I'd have to wait until dark when he's asleep...Alan and that cordless drill are inseparable !! jude