Sunday, 1 January 2012

Just the beginning......

Well hello everyone!  Ça va?  Welcome to my blog about all things Parisian.

I'm so happy that  2012 is about to it's the beginning of a wonderful adventure for Pierre (mon mari) and moi.

Everything is going into storage....and we're off to Paris (as they say in French....allons-y å Paris!)

Oui!  Magnifique Paris where we'll be ensconced for the next year or two doing all manner of gorgeous workshops, photography, gallery visits, shopping at the local marchés, attempting to speak French, taking side trips to some of Europe's most interesting cities and, of course, quaffing French champagne and sampling la cuisine extraordinaire. Pardon mon français...c'est si mauvais....but that will change soon.
The will to do, the soul to dare.

The will to do, the soul to dare - it's a favourite saying that I've used on a new multimedia work.  

I've used beautiful vintage Italian and French postcards overwhich I've layered my collagraphic work.

The series is called "Where there's a will, there's a way."   Loved doing these small works and will continue to develop the concept in Paris where I'll be taking art workshops with wonderful teachers.....lots more about what I'll be learning soon.
Fantastique - there's nothing like a black and white combination!
And little noir et blanc numbers below from moi.
Violå.   My very first post!

I hope you enjoy these posts as I share this wonderful experience. Paris oozes inspiration....and I can't wait to be enveloped by all that city has to offer.  Allons-y å Paris.

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  1. Can't wait to see how your art develops during your time in Paris. How exciting to embark on this journey. Best of luck. Sharyn.

  2. What a wonderful experience this will be: in fact, a whole new life. I know you'll never be the same again - juste un peu plus merveilleuse ! I look forward to seeing you there in May. Bises, Fran

  3. Excellent I am here too and ready for the adventure

  4. Bravo Robyn! And I can't wait to meet you. I wish you the best for this amazing year, willing, daring, enjoying... Une magnifique année 2012 ! A très bientôt

  5. It sounds as though you are going to have amazing time.

  6. Merci beaucoup tout le monde!!!! Such kind comments and I hope you continue to enjoy l'adventure on Paris Rendez-vous!

  7. Well Robyn You are there.(Pete too of course)Anyone who says you will have an amazing time in Paris has not lived.....Of course you both will.
    Every morning you wake up will be a day of adventure.
    Have a Pastis for us

  8. Best wishes Robin and Mick

  9. hi Robyn and Pete we look forward to seeing you both very soon. We have the champagne ready.
    Andrew & Jay

  10. Hi Andrew & Jay, That's very good news about the champers. Peter and I are looking forward to catching up with you both in Amsterdam. A bientot, Robyn and Pierre!

  11. Hi Robyn happy to see you here. Uneasy period for me nowadays...hard to paint! See you.

    1. Oh Chris you are an amazing painter!! That is not good. Australia would adore your works....come on down and join us one day. Maybe a little easier here??? A little warmer than Paris though! A biéntot, Robyn

  12. Hi Robyn! Happy to see you with a new blog. I'll be back soon.