Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Parisian Roses - I Can Feel a Drawing/Painting/Etching/Mixed Media/Collage Coming On

In my earlier post on Parisian Havens I wrote about a wonderful little Parisian florist called Odorantes. It specialises in really exquisite roses - think rare Black Baccarat roses!

This little gem of a florist is on the Left Bank and very close to my favourite garden in Paris, Jardin du Luxumbourg.

I'll be making a bee-line to the elegant Odorantes the minute I arrive in Paris.  I can feel a drawing/painting/etching/mixed media/collage coming on!!!!!!

I've printed a solar plate etching and called it "Pour Odorantes".  This will be my gift to Odorantes when I arrive in Paris on 1 April.  Can't wait!  I hope they like it.

Odorantes - an elegant example of Parisian style!

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  1. What beautiful flowers! I can imagine the smell already lucky you and great blog so far Kate xx

  2. Odorantes' bouquets are truly beautiful Kate. Thanks so much.

  3. Oh la la!! Totally gorgeous!!! Jude

  4. Thanks Jude....I really hope that Monsieur Odorantes likes the little blushing rose that I've printed for him.

  5. Robyn, I'm positive that Monsieur Odorantes will adore the blushing rose print. Such a nice gesture on your part. I'm thinking there'll be an exhibition of your works in Paris before you leave. Jude