Thursday, 29 January 2015

Promenade With My Parapluie IV - Lindy Lee's "The Dark of Absolute Freedom"

I've been to see Lindy Lee's exhibition at the UQ Art Museum a few times now.

It's so beautiful.

It's peaceful a funny kind of way.  Meditative, rich, glistening, spiritual...all these words spring to  mind when I think of Lindy's exhibition.

Lindy was born in Brisbane.  

Her Chinese heritage has informed her work over the years too.  Some works draw on iconic Western Art images...obliterated...disappearing under layers and layers of ink….as if Lindy is saying…"Western Art???  It's not me!" 

It's an incredible body work!  Imagine feeling comfortable and being part of two cultures at the one time…Australian and Chinese.  I think it would be very normal to be asking yourself, "What am I…Australian or Chinese?"

Lindy is also a Buddhist….and her fire blistered/punctured works certainly, for me, took on a spiritual, almost meditative presence.  

Standing quietly, and very close to these works…watching the breeze gently lift those heavily blistered papers…shadows appearing on the walls…what glorious minutes they were.

Hope you enjoy Lindy Lee's exhibition.  I certainly did.
A wonderful little secret....UQ Art Museum at St Lucia.  Fabulous of my favourites in Brisbane.
Glistening flung-bronze sculpted "firestones"...taking on organic shapes that reminded me of wild, crazy creatures.
Oh please!!!!  Wouldn't I love to take this beauty home.  If only I could have touched it.
Flung-bronze appearing as real gold!
Blistered metal sheet metal lace....or maybe 'space'.
Flung-bronze other-wordly creatures crawling up gallery walls!!
Golden splat!
Drawing with fire - burnt papery delights...wafting in the breeze + lace shadows.
Cream, gold, blackened Cosmos??
Burnt ruptures speckled across the surface of this thick cream paper.
A most impressive organ....praps there'll be a concert here one complement an exhibition.  I'll be there!
This gallery is in the heart of our University of Queensland grounds....a great spot to sit still and just be!!!!!!!
Glistens, reflections, bronze and silver galaxies!
Swirling, curling bronze/steel...the curled bottom wafted ever so slightly in the air-conditioning.
Lindy's encaustic in colour and texture.
Chinese heritage proudly displayed.
Iconic Western Art images....obliterated and this my Art?
Repetition and the grid - is that Ingres disappearing?
Juicy orange and thick black me, this is spiritual and joyous! 
Just outside the gallery - happy days darling!


Monday, 26 January 2015

On the Jetty

Australia Day 2015 and the livin' is easy
Ferries are floatin' and the hoop pine is high
Your daddy's out fishin' and your mama's cookin'
So hush little baby don't you cry!

One of these mornin's, you're gonna rise up singin'
You're gonna spread your wings and you'll take to the sky
But 'til that mornin', there is nothin' can harm you
With serene blue skies and the jetty standin' by!

On the jetty….Australia Day 2015
Hoop pines reachin' high.
Brisbane River lookin' fine.
Skylight glowin'.
Ferry's comin'.
Australians approachin'.
Didgeridoo rockin' .
Just walkin' by!
Frangipanis bloomin'.

Grazin' at The Jetty.
Lamb any which way on Australia Day
And now.…sit back.…take it easy….and listen to the one and only Ella!


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