Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ach Berlin

Ach Berlin....still a city of great contrasts.  But a lot more about that in my next post.

First day out and about...and, unfortunately, I go 'splatt' right in front on our apartment!

Tripped over the pavement you yesterday was just a little slower than usual.   I was a little dusty and bruised...but not entirely over and out.

But here's a little taste of Berlin......that infamous wall (now East Side Gallery), a coffee culture that would rival Fitzroy in Melbourne and of, course, sausages!

(1)  East Side Gallery

(2)  Coffees and pastries...spoilt for choice on our strasse.

(3)  Sausages to go
Auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Discoveries in Paris II

I have to tell you about two other discoveries that I think you'll is an extraordinary musée in the Marais on Rue des Archives, the other, an unusual Parisian concept store.

1.  Musee de la Chasse et de la's quirky and wonderful.....definitely go and have a look at this one if you get the chance.  It's not all stuffed animals addition to creatures of the stuffed variety, you'll see modern art installations, quirky porcelain, painting, sculpture etc all housed in a beautiful Parisian hotel particulier.  The mansion has been beautifully renovated (with no expense spared) and it's filled with the most wonderful treasures.
The moose speaks...I kid you not!
Crazy animal head soup tureens....18th century!
And this was the ceiling of a small anti-chamber...fashioned entirely from feathers.
From a corner window
I spied the musée's superb jardin (below).
Royal dog kennels
Oh how I would love this little chap.
Fabulous bronze sculptures were dotted around the musée.
It's all fab....and Pierre and I were the only ones there!!
I know......spooky!
In fact there's four great little discoveries in this upper part of Rue des Archives.
1.   Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
2.   La Terrasse des Archives....a gorgeous corner bistro just across from the musée.
3.    Les Archives De La Presse....vintage magazine heaven.
4.   Nicolai Parfum....beautiful perfumes created by Patricia de Nicolai, a descendant of Pierre Guerlain. a mere 50 metre stretch, all your cultural, culinary, artistic and beauty needs are covered!

2.  Merci.....this is a wonderful Parisian concept furnishings, fashion, perfume, contemporary jewellery, stationery etc and a lovely tearoom and library.  Expect the unexpected when you visit....nothing mundane about Merci.
We sat in the library for lunch (right next to the Fiat bambino)....trés cute.
Really liked that articulated test-tube vase.
Very hip....and very Fred Flinstone!
Loved the pressed metal counter.
As I said, expect the unexpected at Merci....palm trees et al.
Off to Berlin first thing tomorrow morning.  Almost a dawn start....4.30am taxi to the airport!!! Yikes!!

A bientôt.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Discoveries in Paris

A beautiful hidden square....discovered on the corner of Rue de Seine and Quai Malaquais
It's really easy making new discoveries in Paris.....all you need is a little time to stroll and explore this beautiful city.....there's no shortage of fantastic discoveries to make.

Pierre and I have made so many little discoveries over the last 5 months....we've discovered quaint bistros, fab shops and marchés, hidden squares and gardens, quirky musées, even interesting wall plaques....the list goes on and on.'s some of my favourites......hope you enjoy them.

1.  La Palette....a gorgeous little bistro in St Germain.  We were ambling down Rue de Seine one afternoon when we discovered it.  The terrace, as you can see, is so beautiful...that's where Pierre and I sat.  The interior is also gorgeous...all golden and mottled antique mirrors.  Will have to go back in the winter and sit inside I think. you fancy a tipple here in 3 weeks time?
Pierre looking très français non?
It was the perfect spot for a champers et fromage.
2.  Food Glorious Food....we only learnt about the food hall at Galleries Lafayette recently.  All our local Saint Georges shops and marchés had closed because of the August Pierre and I were so pleased when we discovered this wondrous cave of goodies.  And they even deliver!!!
3.  Hidden squares.....these are dotted all over Paris....we discovered this one in St Germain.  So when it all gets too much and the feet can't take any more....I head for one of these lovely little squares to relax.
A fabulous Picasso bronze right in the middle of the square.....fantastique non?
4.  Fabric Heaven at St Pierre marché in Montmartre.....Jan, my sister-in-law knows about this little discovery of mine.  The two of us had a lovely time there back in April....beautiful linens, silk taffetas, silk chiffons, cottons, striped grosgrain ribbons, tassels.....truly j'adore and prices aren't bad either!
Well I could go on and on.....there's been so many discoveries.......and I haven't even told you about Merci (a really fab store) or the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.  It was extraordinary.....definitely one of the most fascinating musées I've been to in I'l have to tell you about it in another post.  You'll adore it.  Here's a little entrée though.  A bientot.
And when we visited this musée, Pierre and I were the only ones there!!  Can you believe it.

P.S.  Off to Berlin for a few days next week....sure to make lots of new discoveries there too!

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