Sunday, 30 December 2012

And So....Adieu, Adieu

And so adieu, adieu seems the year has raced by in a flash.

Living in Paris for the past 9 months...and what a dream it's been.  A little window of opportunity opened...and Pierre and I flew away to Paris.  No regrets.
The beauty of Paris was just plain dreamy.  We lived a Parisian life.  Travelled a bit too...saw places and things I never dreamt we'd see.  So good to explore it with someone you always want to be with...forever.
I collaged...made glorious messes...took art workshops...spoke a little French with the locals...braved Le Metro...explored my favourite places over and over...spent perfect Paris days with Pierre...met our trés gentile Parisian neighbours, Dominic et Marie Françoise...and enjoyed many a rendez-vous with Even, my local quartier fleuriste...what a beautiful bounty of blossoms he keeps.
Back from Even's.
Roof-top cascade of iridescent bubbles...rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
Shelter from the rain...rue Saint-Honoré.
Away from the madding crowd...rue du Pont Louis-Philippe.
Pondering the meaning of les philosophes, rue Vielle de Temple.
Buren's brilliance...courtyard, Palais Royal.
I blogged...over and over...100 posts!  I wanted to share our Parisian adventure with you.
So today...Paris Rendez-vous is officially 1 year old!

And this is my 100th, and final post for Paris Rendez-vous.  That's a grand number to end on I think!

A million merci beaucoup tout le monde for following my blog.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've loved sharing it with you.

Very much appreciated your comments and emails too.  So kind of you to send them to me. They were always a joy to receive.

So...adieu, adieu tout le monde...I sincerely hope your 2013 is filled with good health, people you love, lots and lots of happiness...and especially, Paris.
Bonne Année 2013
Adieu et Au Revoir 
from Paris Rendez-vous
And here's that very first post....exactly 1 year ago today:

Monday, 24 December 2012

So This is Christmas

Can you believe it?  Christmas's all cozy here in our apartment...bunkered down...our little twig Christmas tree simply decorated...a few trinkets and gum leaves from home'll be a quiet night tonight...silent night...reflecting on our wonderful adventure in Paris.  

So thankful. Merci beaucoup.

Hope your Christmas is beautiful....light the lights....have a joyous one.

Friday, 21 December 2012

London Town

London's in full swing for Christmas.

At Selfridges there were more Melton pork pies, festive pork pies, game pies, and fruit mince pies than you could poke a stick at.....Burlington Arcade was as posh as ever.....and Somerset House had the best free photographic ice skating in the central courtyard.

We didn't stop for a's how it went.
Such a lovely place Burlington Arcade...
a perfect spot to shelter from the rain.
And did it rain!!!!!!!
For a few quid you can even have your shoes shined here!
Burlington Arcade's jewellers are divine!!!!!!!
What a lovely gent he was....he's one of the Burlington Arcade beadles on patrol...
in top hat and frockcoat!
London cabs.....they're soooo good...I think they're the best cabs in the world.
Somerset House....a glorious Georgian mansion
on the banks of the Thames.
Those mad was pouring
but it didn't stop them skating in the central courtyard.
Moi skating.......(I wish!)
Tim Walker's photographic exhibition was just one
of many exhibitions at Somerset House.
It was fantastic.....beautifully presented and his
photographs were dazzling and magical.
And yes...after all that skating I needed a Royal Mile whiskey (and a cigar)!
A bientot.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012


Yesterday in Paris was just heaven.  There was even some sun!

The forecast said fine in the morning.....with an evening thunder storm.

I knew exactly what Pierre and I had to do......take the Metro fast and bolt to La Grande Roue....then a long, leisurely stroll along the Seine and a reward of chocolat chaud (before the storm hit!)

I didn't want to waste a minute of that sunshiney, blue sky!
Just outside Saint-Georges Metro...
too adorable not to photograph.
There she is!
La Grande Roue...stairway to heaven!
The fabulous Grand Palais framed
by our little carriage.
Le jogging in Tuileries.
Sacré-Coeur on the top of Montmartre...way in the distance.
At the top now!  
There's Jeu de Paume and rue de Rivoli down there.
And the Christmas chalets all the way
along Champs-Elysées.  They'll be
sipping mulled wine down there!
Merci beaucoup Santa....the ride on La Grande Roue was trés, trés bon!
And now...for that long, leisurely promenade along the Seine.
Went into a bookshop the other day and the owner said,
"Un chapeau Mongolian Madame!"  I knew that!
Winter in Paris...very cold but definitely trés belle.
Segway...a perfect way to get around...but peut-etre not for moi!
Parfait, n'est-ce pas?
Who's that gorgeous Frenchman smiling at moi?
The sun was out so the bouquinistes were out in force too...
couldn't resist these 1 euro carte postale (again)!
Lovely little Place Dauphine was totally deserted...
got lost inside the pine Christmas trees...
their parfum was délicieux.
You lookin' at moi!   (Sorry!)
Saw lots of this....there'll be lots
more carried home this weekend too.
Across the garden at the back
of Notre-Dame...
then over Pont Louis-Philippe...
I really needed that chocolat chaud.
Buskers everywhere....
and Parisians....
At last....Le Flore en L'Ile...a silver jug of rich creamy hot chocolate
and another jug of steaming frothy milk awaits....heaven!
The weatherman got it right.....
Heaven...n'est-ce pas?

P.S.  Off to London next week....Pierre's desperate for his Christmas pork pie!
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