Friday, 21 December 2012

London Town

London's in full swing for Christmas.

At Selfridges there were more Melton pork pies, festive pork pies, game pies, and fruit mince pies than you could poke a stick at.....Burlington Arcade was as posh as ever.....and Somerset House had the best free photographic ice skating in the central courtyard.

We didn't stop for a's how it went.
Such a lovely place Burlington Arcade...
a perfect spot to shelter from the rain.
And did it rain!!!!!!!
For a few quid you can even have your shoes shined here!
Burlington Arcade's jewellers are divine!!!!!!!
What a lovely gent he was....he's one of the Burlington Arcade beadles on patrol...
in top hat and frockcoat!
London cabs.....they're soooo good...I think they're the best cabs in the world.
Somerset House....a glorious Georgian mansion
on the banks of the Thames.
Those mad was pouring
but it didn't stop them skating in the central courtyard.
Moi skating.......(I wish!)
Tim Walker's photographic exhibition was just one
of many exhibitions at Somerset House.
It was fantastic.....beautifully presented and his
photographs were dazzling and magical.
And yes...after all that skating I needed a Royal Mile whiskey (and a cigar)!
A bientot.

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  1. Now you have really made me homesick - have not been home for Christmas in a long time.

    1. London is a fantastic place...especially at Christmas!

  2. Tres Bien Robyn. London looks great. A Royal Mile Whiskey and a cigar???? That would be a sight!! Hope Pierre has had his fill of Pork Pies for the season. Joyeux Noel!!! Jude

    1. It was a good cigar too Jude! Did the postie deliver that little prezzy I sent? Hope so.

  3. These are so Grand. I adore London! Have a few clients in Chelsea Green.

  4. Great photos! I love the Burlington Arcade.