Sunday, 2 December 2012

Les Passages IV

Exploring les passages has been a lovely thing to do here in's allowed me to see some different parts of Paris....the places where Parisians hang out, work and live.

The ambiance of les passages is lovely too....calm and laid back...not too flashy....they're good places to stroll.  Moreover, they're dry and warm....the very reason why they were built.'s my final post on les passages...Passage du Grand Cerf.  

Passage du Grand Cerf is, in my view, one of the loveliest's just up from the rue Montorgueil street marché...and is filled with stylish arts, crafts and antique shops selling all manner of things....jewellery, antiques, vintage lunettes, clothing, flowers etc.

It's retained its old world glamour too.  It has beautiful wrought-iron work, a glass roof and lovely old 19th century shop fronts.

And le pas sage, a small bistro at the end of the arcade, is the perfect spot to kick back, enjoy the plat de jour and people watch.  That's exactly what Pierre and I did....and I have to tell you it was a trés bon thing to do on a cold, wet day in Paris.
Passage du Grand Cerf is just up from rue Montorgueil.
So when you've explored le can duck
up to rue Montorgueil for those essential pastries et al.
Strolling in of the best things to do in this city...
and what better place to do it than in one of
les passages.
If you like vintage glasses...this little place
is fabulous.  They're all in beautiful
condition from 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
Vintage treasure...
it's all here.
Pierre took some time in this lovely little jewellery shop, Eric et Lydie....maybe he was
getting a few ideas for Santa.  Hope so!
This is le pas sage....a really fab little bistro....great plats de jour and great wines.
Hope you enjoyed the stroll...a bientot.

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  1. Breathtaking photos.

  2. Beautiful photos, I enjoy recalling Paris. Amicalement.

  3. I love this one too! I have walked through a few times.....never enough.

  4. I hope you are putting a little book together with these wonderful photos.

    1. Bonjour Magnolia Verandah....I think it's going to be a very 'grand' book if we do one...not so 'little'. I'd also like to do some collages with the we do have a few ideas.

  5. Enjoyed another lovely stroll, merci Robyn & Pierre. You've whet my appetite for the 'plat de jour'. Guess I'll just have to settle for vege on crispbread!!
    Stay warm. Jude

  6. PS It hit 40.9 degrees here yesterday, and still no rain!! Jude

    1. Wow...looks like all of Queensland is in heatwave conditions. Stay out of that sun Jude...and think of me in the freezing cold! Crazy isn't it.