Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Rusty Haven

I adore rust in the the it rusty coloured plants, sculpture, candelabra, lanterns, pots et al - and my garden in Brisbane has often provided the inspiration for my printmaking.   I'll miss my beautiful rusty garden when I live in Paris............but I'm also looking forward to visiting (and drawing and painting in) all the fantastique gardens in Paris and beyond - like the always fabulous Jardin du Luxembourg, the garden of the Musee Rodin and, of course, the tulips fields of Amsterdam.  I'll be doing posts on all of these gardens so stay tuned.  If you have a favourite garden, tell me what it is.  I would love to know.

But for now, here's my rusty haven in Brisbane.    And thank goodness it's an easy garden that needs little maintenance - I'm sooooooo busy packing and getting everything ready for storage.  We jet out 31 March....and still so much to do.

Christmas stars and my Three Wise Men

Lots of succulents and natives in my garden - with the beautiful forest beyond.
Lime and rusty coloured banksias.
 My gorgeous rusty succulent sculpture
 As I said, I adore rust in the garden!!!!!
Little red somonos...that never stop flowering.
View of the garden at night.
Golden yuccas against an evening plum sky.

And below you can see how my garden and the forest have inspired my printmaking.
Etchings and mixed media

Etching, embossing and chine colle

Monoprints and collage

Voila!  And tell me about your favourite gardens.....I would love to know about them.

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  1. What a fantastic rusty haven, congratulations to you Robyn as well as Pierre. Such inspirational photographs and works of art. With your 'will to do and soul to dare', I can't wait to see what boundaries you exceed once you settle in to your french lifestyle. Tres Magnifique!! Jude

  2. Robyn

    Your garden is looking absolutely fabulous! It is easy to see how it has inspired your artwork. It will be interesting to follow your French adventure to see how other gardens guide your creativity! WOW!

    Christine C

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Jude and Christine. Really appreciate your kindness - hoping mes adventures will be both tres magnifique et wow!!

  4. Hi Robyn, Just opened up your Blog. You are amazing and so creative. Just seeing your work set up in this way is for us awe-inspiring.We have a saying too "Remember that everything has got Gods Fingerprints on it". Your work certainly has that. You are sure seeing the impossible dreams becoming possible. Cheers Jan and Brian

  5. Robyn, your blog is developing magnificently. It expresses so much of your vibrant, colourful and creative spirit. I'm a follower!

  6. Thanks so much for that lovely comment Fran and great to hear that you're a follower! Lots more to come!!!!!