Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Difficult Decision

When we first decided to put everything into storage and 'head for the hills'....we couldn't decide whether it should be Italy or France.

Both countries have beautiful languages and art, fabulous cuisine, extraordinary architecture, fascinating history etc etc.

It was a difficult decision....but we finally decided on Paris because, not only has it all the above characteristics, but it's also so central to everything in Europe.

So we're off to Paris (allons-y a Paris) on 31 March 2012 to live the Parisian life (just for a little while).

Have a look at the photos below........and you'll see why it was such a difficult decision.

Bella Italia

Et maintenant....magnifique Paris

Allons-y a Paris!!!!!!!!


  1. Fabulous! you know i'm expecting a daily paper when you get there robyn... ok, weekly at the very least!

  2. Hey Soula.....I'll certainly do my very best.....I'll have so much to share. Love your artwork by the way Soula. Who knows, maybe one day we can have a joint exhibition of our "Parisian" prints.

  3. I feel your pain!!! How to choose? We chose Italy, but we do duck across to France when we can.

  4. Yes, know what you mean Debra...the pain was easy to take. And we'll be ducking across to Italy too. Looking forward to visiting gorgeous Bagni di Lucca. Ciao.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog!!
    I love your pictures from Paris.. the golden statues with the Eiffeltower.. wow!!
    Sorry for my english.. it's not always so goog ;)
    With love, Herma
    (from the Netherlands ;)

  6. Herma, your english is perfect and very goog!!!! I'm coming to Amsterdam in April...can't wait. I'm going to have to learn!!

  7. Joint exhibition in Paris!!!! Oh yes please.

  8. What a brilliant idea Soula...just name the date and it's a deal!

  9. Great photographs (as usual) This is a fantastic blog site Robyn. Jude

  10. Really pleased that you like it Jude. You just hope that people like it and find it's great to get that feedback Jude. Merci beaucoup!