Thursday, 26 January 2012

Paris Coundown

Not long to go now before we touch down in Paris.

It's just under 9 weeks and still so much to prepare.

Actually I've been delaying the inevitable with this blog..........a good excuse not to do the packing I think........but now it's time to knuckle down and get things done.

Here's a shorlist of the jobbies (not in order of importance) that I've yet to complete:

1.  Pack everything for storage - approx. 20 boxes already packed.......but there'll be double this I'm sure.

2.  Organise the storage facility.......somewhere close by if possible.

3.  Learn French...only joking!  I've been taking a couple of courses with Alliance Francais here in hopefully, with this grounding,  I'll be able to make my reservations at Le Meurice and ask "Mon dieu, c'est combien?"   I'm also OK at "Je suis m'appelle Robyn" but not much else malheureusement!

4.  Pack for Paris........well, I like to travel light....but not for an extended period - a girl has to have her coats, boots, scarves, hats for Paris and, of course, Pierre will want to take his stuff too.  So I'm going to organise Fedex to  deliver 100kg for us.  Then there's all my art 'stuff' (journals, crayons, inks, etching plates, brushes, pencils, wax seals, xuan paper etc etc) that I'll be taking to Paris.
5.  Organise travel money etc.  Wow.......that exchange rate is looking very healthy at present.

6.  Check that passports, other documents and reservations are in order.

7.  Find the perfect passport wallet.  Any suggestions?

8.  Sell our Tigra gris.
Our little silver convertible Tigra is up for sale.

9.  Find the perfect tenant for our home here in Brisbane.

10.  Buy a new laptop and install Skype.   L'appartement in Paris provides free internet and phone calls back to Australia so we'll easily be able to keep in contact with family and friends.

Voila! you can see, quite a few little things to take care of in the next 9 weeks.  Oh.......and of course, I have to do some printing and take a workshop before I leave Australia.  My wonderful addiction needs a couple of fixes before I leave! I'm going to be a little busy for the next 9 weeks, I'll probably post just once a week on the blog.............but, hopefully, when I'm settled in Paris I'll extend on this and do more regular Parisian posts (and I've already got a few exquisite ateliers, exhibitions, wine bars and restaurants to tell you about.)

A bientot.

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  1. Good Luck!!!! Jude

  2. Thanks Jude......just completed another 2 it time yet for a champagne?

  3. Just found your blog via The Paris Apartment and will be looking forward to reading about your time in Paris! Excited for you.

  4. Thanks JuLee. Very exciting time for me too - love to have you share the adventure.

  5. Such a cute little car! How can you part with it?

  6.'s been a fab little car....but time to go to a new home now.

  7. Great post which caught my eye as I am moving back to Paris myself this summer and my son now lives in Brisbane. Serendipity... Bon Voyage et bonne chance! I'll be reading your blog. Such fun!

  8. Merci beaucoup Jeanne-Aelia..........tres serendipitous. You, too, will have an exciting time moving back to Paris. Love your blog by the way and I'll be following your journey too. A bientot.

  9. very exciting times for you !
    when you come to brussels, buy a copy of "The Bulletin".. it has a what's on section where you find it all

    1. Thanks Anni, I will certainly do that. I love Gypsy Jazz....and hope I can find a gorgeous Art Deco cafe in Belgium to enjoy le cafe et le jazz!

  10. Wow - lucky girl moving to Paris. I moved to London over a year ago and had to pack all my things up exactly like what you are doing. I also sold my Beetle and was heartbroken to part with it.
    I'm in Paris until tomorrow - it is freezing here at the moment but we are having an amazing time with all the lovely sights, restaurants and of course shops.
    Hope your move goes well for you and thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. Enjoy those sights, restaurants and shops (and the freezing weather) Joanne. Think of me in Brisbane's humidity and heat...packing up all my stuff!! Not nearly as exciting as what you are doing I'm afraid. Enjoy your last day in Paris...and have a champagne for me.

  11. J'aime paris.