Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paris Street Marché - rue des Martyrs

Rue des Martyrs....a fab place to shop on samedi/Saturday morning.
Pierre and I set off early samedi/Saturday morning for a stroll along rue des Martyrs....this is a fab street market in the 9th arrondissement and only a hop, skip and a jump away from Montmartre.   Rue des Martrys is a young, hip place which reminds me a lot of Fitzroy in Melbourne.....Robin, Mick and know how I love Fitzroy!

You never know just what you'll see in this neighbourhood.  Here's some of the Saturday morning action.
Beautiful Art Deco Metro signage at Abbesses (just one stop from our apartment).....and our drop off point
for rue des Martyrs.
Lots of gorgeous things at the brocante....mais tout trés cher/but everything is very expensive!
What a cute bistro non?  Across the road from Bistro Smiley is Rose Bakery...very yummy English food....porridge, bacon & eggs, kedgeree, scones and jam, toast and marmite etc etc......Parisians love it.
Betty loves Rose Bakery aussi/also.
As you can see, j'aime Rose Bakery aussi!
Graffiti at the top end of rue des Martryrs.
The May 2012 French election is all the talk here......someone's keen to be elected on rue des Martyrs.....
"2012 Vote For Me"!
Rue des Martrys has soooooo many lovely little restaurants.
This is the "I Love You" wall...very close to the Abbesses Metro.
The 'I Love You" wall was created by Frederic Baron and Frederick's concept was a sort of 'Around the World in 80 I Love Yous'.   

From 1000 written samples, he and calligrapher, Claire Kito chose 311 which were then transferred to deep blue glazed tiles, with red highlights.  It's really fantastic street art....and such a Parisian message non?
 Everyone loves a bargain on a samedi morning.
Crowd control on rue des Martyrs.....trés chic non?????
You can also get a fab view of Sacre Coeur from the top of rue des Martyrs.
Voila!  Rue des Martyrs is a very interesting street....and if you have time to visit it, I know you'll enjoy it.

Tomorrow morning Pierre and I are off to Amsterdam for a few days to check out the worldwide flower auction at Aalsmeer (just outside Amsterdam) and also to revisit the Van Gogh Museum.   Perhaps there may even be time to visit Rembrandt's House and Museum...another fab spot in Amsterdam.

Mon Dieu!!!  So much to see and do.

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  1. You are Darling and I Love this street! I must check it out next visit:)

    1. You will love it French Blue.....and Odalisque is a Cire Trudon candle....soooo bee-you-tee-ful!

  2. Jáime le "I Love You Wall" fabulous deep blue tiles contrasted with sandstone, just lovely! Merci Robyn & Pierre. Jude

  3. Loved seeing sights of Paris + I know you will do the same for Amsterdam. By the way,that "I love You Wall" is terrific. Thank you.

    1. So many interesting things to see on rue des Martyrs Peggy...and by the way, Amsterdam is fabulous!!! More about 'the dam' next week!

  4. amazing photos :)
    I love this post!!
    Paris was always my big love!!

    1. Merci certainly is my big love too. And you don't need to do are totally fab just the way you are!!!

  5. Bravo! Glad you made it. What a fun day-street-post!
    merci carolg

    1. Rue des Martyrs is great the the 9th arrondissement.

  6. I just followed your link from Lost in Cheeseland. Great coverage of the 9th. I'm opening a cupcake shop there this month on rue Henri Monnier. Since you are a fan of Rose Bakery, I hope you will come and check it out sometime.

    1. Bonjour Sugar Daze...and I love rue Henri Monnier....this is a a really lovely street and I'll be sure to visit your cupcake shop! When are you opening?