Friday, 13 April 2012

Paris' Grand Palais et Helmut Newton

Pierre and I made a bee-line for Helmut Newton's retrospective yesterday.  It's being staged at that glorious building, the Grand Palais.  Have a look at this link for a birds-eye view of the building.  C'est fantastique
I have always loved Helmut's work...raw, strong, provocative and sometimes, humorous.

I remember seeing his fashion photographs in French Vogue back in the 1970s....they always stood out as more cinematic photographs than the usual, run of the mill 'fashion' photographs.  

His fashion shots are on display as well as those iconic images of Charlotte Rampling, Catherine Deneuve, Yves St Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld among others.  And, of course, there are those life size nudes.

Here's a little of the exhibition

We loved this exhibition (as does the rest of Paris).....and, as we bought the season pass (Sésame Pass) to the Grand Palais' 2012 exhibitions....we can return again and again to see Helmut's fab photographs.  And, if you do visit the Grand sure to try their restaurant....MiniPalais c'est fantastique...truly!
All of Paris seems to be loving Helmut Newton.
Although still a little chilly, you can see that le Printemps has definitely arrived in Paris.
The Grand of my favourite places in Paris.
The adornments on the exterior of the building are exquisite.
This is the terrace at the MiniPalais....a little chilly yesterday so we sat inside...divine! 
After lunch...just a little window shopping on the Left Bank...and absolument/absolutely no euros were spent!
Dries van Notten....a designer par excellent!
Jaune/yellow...the coleur pour Le Printemps
Cire Trudon....possibly the most beautiful candles in the world!
These little Santos cage dolls were in an antique shop, Weline, just off Place de Furstenburg.  Aren't they beautiful?

Voila!  Off to do more exploring today.

A bientôt.

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  1. I adore your blog! + I am getting a trip to Paris everyday. thank you.

    1. Merci beacoup Peggy. It's my pleasure to share this beautiful city.

  2. Well at last you're there and you seem to be taking to life in France like a duck to water. After following your lead up to the big move it so nice to see you having fun there.
    I am uber jealous of you getting to see the Helmut Newton show at the GP and getting to shop at Cire Trudon all in one day.

    1. Bonjour was a pretty fab day....Helmut's exhibition was trés, trés bon! We always hit the exhibitions early in the morning...far fewer crowds...and then I have lots of time for 'le shopping'!

  3. Beautiful! Did you get a candle at Cire Trudon? I go in several times wanting... wanting...but always buying never enough:)

    1. Such a treat those candles.....I did bring back to l'apartment the 'Odalisque' candle. Not overpowering at all...just a gentle, soft frangrance that is beautiful.

  4. Is the Odalisque the herbal candle or a Cire Trudon candle scent? You are so lucky! Also, check out the new Laduree candle toppers! All white bisque and beautiful!

  5. What a perfect way to spend a day. HN must have been fantastic. I have to ask if you ventured in Hermes Robyn??? Hmmm! Feeling like I'm in Paris at the moment. Jude

    1. Jude...does night follow day.....yes, I ventured in...and it was an experience. Lots of orange boxes were flying out of the store!!!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Merci beaucoup Marie-Monique. Paris is so beautiful it is easy to write about. Brisbane is also beautiful. Have you visited Brisbane? Ciao, Robyn