Friday, 27 April 2012

A Bientôt Paris et Montmartre

A bientôt Montmartre et Paris...and our local cafe Le Cepage.  We head off tomorrow morning for Lucca for my first art workshop.........and I'm itching to start.

With all my wanderings in Paris and Amsterdam the last few weeks, I haven't done anything 'arty' for some I'm keen to get back to my arty/papery creations.
I've packed my journals, paints, pens, papers, waxes and seals, pencils, gouache, stamps, inks, al!  Now let's see what develops in Lucca over the next week.

And two little art museums that I found hidden away that you might like:

(1)  Musée de la Halle Saint Pierre......currently showing Banditi dell'arte, an Italian exhibition of naive art.  It was a bit 'in your face' for me.....however I should have expected this type of style as the musée focusses on the primitive and Art Brut schools.  Interesting.....but not my favourite type of art.
Very nice salon de thé in the musée too!
The Banditi dell'arte is the current exhibition....interesting, challenging and very raw!
This poster on the outside of Halle St Pierre caught my is a poster of Delacroix's major work...Liberty Leading the People (see below).
(2)  Musée National Eugéne Delacroix in the romantic painter's apartment and also well worth a look.  It's located in Place de Furstenberg, which in itself, is lovely to visit.  But if you want to see this original painting (probably Delacroix's most famous and his best)....then you'll have to visit the Louvre.......the real thing is simply sensational!
Pierre and I sat in the courtyard of Delacroix's light-filled studio.  Mon pieds were a bit weary after tracking down this musée!
The musée is located in this lovely square.  I can imagine how beautiful it would look in the evening.
Place de Furstenberg....trees were a little bare this April.  There's also some fab interior decorators in the square.
Entrance to the musée.

Early to bed tonight........flight departs at 7am tomorrow for Lucca!

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  1. I adore seeing Paris through your eyes. Have fun in Lucca.

    1. Merci beaucoup Peggy. Lucca is hot!!! and gorgeous.

  2. Enjoy Lucca Robyn. You'll be in your creative element for sure. Jude

    1. Thanks is a city of yellows, pinks, creams, oranges...and dark green shutters....a splendid gem!