Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paris is More Beautiful in the Rain

We've had a week of rain in Paris....but it's been so beautiful.

If you've seen Woody Allen's film, Midnight in Paris, you'll probably remember Gill wanting to walk back to the hotel in the rain, rather than catch a taxi, because, as he says, "Paris is more beautiful in the rain."

The week was fresh, glossy, invigorating, even freezing at times because of the rain, but it really was I totally agree with Gill (and Woody)!

Have a look.
The courtyard of the Palais Royale reflected those magnificent buildings...and Daniel Burren's columns were the perfect stepping stones in the rain (well some of them perhaps!)
Just walking' in the rain...and's definitely raining!
Reflective puddles in the Jardin du Tuileries.
The Arc de Triomphe just before the storm broke.
The storm wasn't far away so we hightailed it to the Four Seasons Hotel George V to see those incredible Jeff Leatham flowers and praps have a champers or three in La Galerie!  Oh my, you should see this hotel
Jaune/yellow...le coleur of Spring and Jeff Leatham's trademark 'tilting' of blossoms.
Jeff Leatham's floral work is unique......and you can clearly see his love of flowers in all his creations.
Suspended violet orchids were everywhere.
Perfect examples of the WOW factor in every bouquet.
Pink peonies.....yum!
After the most yummy afternoon tea in La Galerie......look what we found outside......vintage cars all lined up and ready to run us home to the apartment......I wish!
You just never know what you'll see in Paris.
I want that little gold one (see below)....and I have a birthday coming maybe Pierre could spoil me!  Ummmm...don't like my chances though!
How cute is that little gold one!
And wouldn't I love to drive to Lucca in this!
Off to Lucca next Saturday for my first art workshop.  Bellissimo!  It will focus on perspective....and we'll be exploring Lucca for the week as we create our watercolours.

I'll be joining a group of international students led by Pauline Fraisse, it will be a glorious week of art in sunny Lucca, Italy.  

(And although I loved the rain in Paris....rain, rain go away (please) in Lucca....we've had enough for a while.)

A bientôt.

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  1. Growing up in NWFla, I had a lot of rain!(Adore it)Paris is just yummy in the rain. Raining in SCA on this Thursday(we need it). Loved your images + have a wonderful time in Lucca.

    1. I adore it too Peggy. Am so looking forward to Lucca but let's hope it's dry...otherwise my watercolours will be very blurry!!

  2. We have had rain here too and I am sick of it!!!! Fortunately today is gorgeous.

    1. Sounds good Debra.....let's hope it stays that way for next week. Looking forward to catching up.

  3. I see from your comment on my blog that you are in Paris and savoring every m inute. I"m trying so hard not to be too jealous!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip to Lucca. Sounds like a wonderful place to create.

    Stay dry!

    1. Am really settling into Paris Virginia...and enjoyed Cafe Nemours last week (thanks for pointing it out to me). Your blog photos are looking sensational by the way!!!

  4. Hi Robyn, I'm loving your blog, makes me want to go to Europe! But more photos of you PLEASE, especially when you are doing your art workshops. I want to see you in action!

    1. Bonjour Sandra.....yes, I'm hoping to have lots and lots of shots of our group as we learn lots and lots in Lucca!!!!!! Hope everything is ready for your forthcoming exhibition......which I know will be a great success.....and hope to see lots of pics of your exhibition on your blog soon! A bientot.