Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Parisian Magic

In my post titled I showed images of my 1920s parapluie that I bought at an antique fair some 30 years ago.  It was a little 'shabby chic' even then.....but sadly over the years the fabric disintegrated with age and I thought my little vintage umbrella had had its day!

However, I had read about La Maison Heurtault, a specialist parapluie artelier in Paris, so when I arrived in April I asked La Maison Heurtault to work their Parisian voila!!!!  Mon parapluie now has a second Paris and beyond.  Merci beaucoup Michel et Jean-Yves....I am thrilled with the result.  It was a pleasure to meet you both.

Michel proposed a beautiful orange floral fabric (suitable for rain and sun), to complement the hand-painted wooden handle, and a chic pompom in orange and black.  Even the tips of the spine were 'transformed' by Michel as the original bakelite ones were broken.   I'll treasure this parapluie and enjoy its shade and protection for years to come.
I took my little 'recanopied' parapluie for a stroll on the Promenade Plantée,
on top of the Viaduc des Arts, where Maison Heurtault is located.  
It is over 90 years old...but doesn't it look magic!
Le pompom...gorgeous attention to detail.
If you like serene places then the Promenade Plantée is a lovely place to visit.  It runs above the viaduc on Avenue Daumesnil.......and the path is filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, birds.....and one extremely beautiful parapluie!

Underneath the viaduc, the arches have been transformed into art galleries, craft workshops, specialist ateliers and........La Maison Heurtault.  The galleries range from traditional old furniture and picture restorers, book binders, fabric weavers, craft stores to modern jewellery designers and cafes like the Viaduc Café.  

Trés, trés bon!  Hope you enjoy thé promenade below.
Ladies 'just looking' at La Maison Heurtault...the antique walking sticks look gorgeous too!
All the parapluies are divine at La Maison Heurtault.
This was a gorgeous craft store selling 'everything'...exquisite scissors and lovely little tapestry kits.
This was a sensational fabric weaver..who I believe weaves cloth for some of the Parisian couteriers.
Loved the rusty sign..just like home.
This atelelier specialised in exquisite porcelain....all handpainted by the artists in the atelier next door.
Wouldn't I love one of these mirrors for l'apartement!
Arches of the viaduc, with ateliers underneath and you can see the Promenade Plantée above.
From the Promenade you can glimpse the Parisian architecture and the streets below.
The Paris skyline is so distinctive and beautiful...will make a great sketching subject.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a picnic here....there are benches along the walkway where people can sit, relax and enjoy the peace.
Mon parapluie loved the bamboo garden.
A lovely way to spend an afternoon.....and then home on Le Metro.
Mon parapluie...looking gorgeous at home in l'apartement!
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  1. What a pretty paraluie. Fabulous news that it has a new look and new life breathed into it by Michel and Jean-Yves. Did you hum the love theme from Les Parapluies de Cherbourg as you strolled along the Promenade Plantée.

  2. What a wonderful journey you took me on. Thank you + the umbrella thanks you.

    1. My pleasure's a wonderful spot for a quiet promenade.

  3. Sooo glad you enjoyed Lucca isn't it gorgeous and we climbed that tower with the trees on top! and the pictures are so artistic I feel quite the heathen. The brolly is fabbo, you are so lucky to have it a little bit of history. All good here next door all well but have not met as yet, will introduce myself tomorrow. Take care a bientot and love to Pierre

    1. We love the heathen in you Kate....don't change a thing. Pierre climbed the tower too....didn't have a lift so I refrained!!! My excuse....mes pieds mauvais! Off to Rodin's garden paint/draw...then praps a vin rouge or trois.

  4. The arches of the Viaduc, absolute WOW! imagine having an atelier there, Robyn!
    I can see why you are so thrilled with your rejuvenated parapluie! What a beautiful work of art. Tres bon!! Jude

    1. Merci beaucoup Jude...Yes, Michel's craftsmanship is superb. He is unique!

  5. Absolutely amazing... I'm green with envy! Your art is unreal :) loving it! Amsterdam looked like lots of fun. Really love the black and white images, I'm an old soul at heart. Great to see you and Pierre are living the dream. Big love up over you from down under. Miss you both.

    1. And big love to you Viv...Amsterdam was great!

  6. those eggs are not fornasetti? they are gorgeous. and so is your new brolli. (finally back in melbs and can post!)

    1. Hi Soula...nope!!! They are done on the premises of that particular atelier...maybe inspired by Fornasetti. That street is really would love the specialist printing atellier...they print and emboss the business cards for Chanel among other things......can you believe it!!! Loved you instagrams from Florence et al.