Sunday, 27 May 2012

Golden Experiences in Paris

I attended a workshop in the Louvre the other night.....three hours drawing and painting....and couldn't believe it when mon professeur said "this will be our last sketch".

Time went so quickly in that quiet and magical space.

We went to the Antiquities area....and worked in a small anteroom near the Etruscan exhibits. The walls and ceiling of the room were breathtaking....richly decorated with frescoes and golden figures.

Our activity was to examine the golden figures in all their finery and to capture, in watercolour, their golden luminescence...."even an abstract representation could be excellent" my teacher encouraged!!

When you take time to look you realise that gleaming gold is really a combination of shades....rusts, greens, reds, bronzes, whites, yellows and more.

So...these were my attempts at abstract representations....
I loved the activity...not sure if I was successful or not with the abstract representation...but it made me more aware of looking (and really seeing) colour.

A couple of days after the workshop I noticed a little exotic Matisse painting at the Musée de l'Orangerie (one of the Odalisque series)....and, in the middle of the canvas, he had painted a golden coffee urn.....needless to say....Matisse had captured that golden gleam beautifully.
A gleaming Parisian street lamp
The Petit Palais....golden decoration everywhere!
Golden door of the Petit Palais...and rose detail (below).
Pont Alexandre III.....dripping with gold!
Isn't she beautiful...standing demurely in the Petit Palais.
And another golden experience for me....
one afternoon, the tip of the Obelisk changed colour...
from Parisian green (late afternoon)
to a gleaming gold (early evening).
I kid you not!
A bientôt!

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  1. Good morning
    The photos are amazing, I was taken by the gold lady. The gown details especially. You should share your art work, would love to have seen what you painted.
    Look forward to next post, take care.

    1. Bonjour Linda...yes, I agree the gown and drapery details are beautiful....and a little challenging to capture in watercolour. Was a little shy about sharing my art work....maybe in a postcript!

  2. OMG!!!!Sketching in the Louvre......perhaps I should say Oh my Gold! Beautiful insight as always Robyn. You're life must be pure magic in Paris. Thanks Jude

    1. Paris is certainly magnificent Jude.....but you know, Australia is also magnificent but in a different way. It's only when you leave your home that you truly appreciate its beauty.

  3. Robyn what a wonderful experience and how it opened your eyes to the "gold" Paris the tip of the Obleisk changing colours is enchanting!
    Carla x

    1. Yes was pure magic. Your blog of gorgeous photography in and around Paris/and Europe is truly wonderful...such an eye you have!

  4. I can't imagine anything more wonderful than a workshop at the LOuvre. Just being in that room must have been a treat for you. Thank you as always for the trip around the city today. I love the details your always find for us.

    1. It was time that I'll never forget Virginia....thank you so much for enjoying it with me.

  5. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

  6. ok so now i'm so jealous i could jump on a plane... again! what a brilliant experience robyn. how great. what wonderful times for you. will you do this again?

    1. Sure will Soula....only 10 euros to get into this treasure trove....and early evening is the best time to go....not too many crowds and just perfect for drawing, painting and really enjoying the moment. Just got back from London...saw a spectacular Picasso exhibition.....Soula he was the greatest!