Friday, 18 May 2012

A Shining Light in Paris

Off to see a shining light in contemporary dance this evening.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is performing his new work "TeZukA" at La Villette.

Sidi's one of my favourite choreographers....whose work is truly creative...and a breath of fresh air.  He has a style all his own!

We just have to find out how to get to La Villette on the Metro....that's Pierre's job...he's so good at working out all those Metro connections.  The Metro is really quite funny...I'll have to tell you about it in a later post....but it's a great way to get around Paris, fast and cheaply.

I'm really looking forward to TeZukA which was inspired by Sidi's admiration of the Japanese artist, Osamu Tezuka, who, among other things, created Astro Boy!;_ylt=A0PDoVz0SrZP.XAAYTWjzbkF?p=astro%20boy%20images&ei=utf-8&n=30&x=wrt&fr2=sg-gac&sado=1

Don't know what to expect.......always best to keep an open mind where Sidi is concerned.  It's sure to be exciting though.  His light always shines brightly!
A bientôt!

Postscript:  Sunday 20 May 2012

Well, je suis désolé/I am sorry...but this was a bit of an endurance test.  What a disappointment Sidi.

The venue, La Villette, was crowded...uncomfortable....and hot.  The 'stadium' style seating was...cramped (to be polite).....and as we were seated towards the back of this huge space, the dancers were but mere specks in the distance!  And the dance.....there was a LOT going on....speeches in French, English and Japanese, light projections, martial arts, writing calligraphy, subtitles projected.....but where were the bodies dancing?  Maybe I need to see it again in a more comfortable environment......but I won't be going back to La Villette that's for sure.


I see that Sidi is doing a new work for the Paris Opera Ballet next May.....Boléro.....I'll definitely be going to this.....and it will be at Opera Garnier......what an excuse to see that beautiful Chagall ceiling!


  1. Happy riding on the Metro + going to glorious dance.
    Have a wonderful time.

  2. Sorry it did not live up to expectation... i guess that happens... it does sound busy though! xv