Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Simple Pleasures of Paris

This is our 7th week in Paris.....and we're really starting to feel at home.

It's an extremely exciting and elegant city.....with lots to do and lots of people rushing around enjoying themselves.

Fortunately, Pierre and I have the luxury of taking a slower route.

No more dashing around to see this and that.......we've got time to relax and just enjoy Paris' simple pleasures. But that's not to say we haven't already seen some fantastic exhibitions here in Paris......but I'll tell you about these in later posts.

For's some of Paris' simple pleasures that we've both enjoyed....hope you do too.

1.  Strolling down a Parisian avenue with no fixed destination
2.  Admiring the Roman ruins in Parc Monceau
3.  Enjoying the shade of the chestnut trees
4.  Following a beautiful little butterfly in Parc Monceau
5.  Having a quiet snooze in the Spring sunshine (at last)
6.  Retracing the artists' haunts in Montmartre
7.  Sketching in a beautiful Parisian square or jardin
8.  Sailing a boat in the Jardins des Tuileries
9.  Looking up and enjoying that unique Parisian skyline......(so different to Lucca's)
10.  Crossing the Seine on the magnificent Pont Alexander III
As you can see there are lots of simple pleasures in Paris........and finding them is always rewarding.  

Voila!  A bientôt.

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  1. Oh I needed this little whirl around Paris today. I think I will have to revisit this post often for my "fix". It can be 7 weeks already. Seems like you just packed and flew off! Thank you for your beautiful photos and I love a look at those sketeches!

    1. Thanks Virginia...have a lot of sketching workshops planned (one in the Louvre next Wednesday) there'll be more sketches to come. A bientot.

  2. The blue of the Paris Sky is amazing! Your beautiful photos are certainly bringing back memories. Thanks for the memories. A bientot Jude

  3. My comment should have read, thanks for the journey!! Jude

    1. Yes...the blue sky is gorgeous Jude...though we also had hail during the week!! Winter does not want to let go.

    2. The blue sky is gorgeous Jude...though we also had hail during the week. Winter does not want to let go.

  4. Such beauty you have in Paris + the pictures are divine + Thank you

    1. Thanks so much Peggy....Paris is even beautiful on a grey day!

  5. I lived in Paris for a few months years ago. One of my favorite simple pleasures was getting a falafel at L'as du falafel and then strolling towards the Île St. Louis for a Berthillon icecream. I know this sounds like it's all about the food, but what I loved most was looking down at the river from the Île. If you looked enough, you could spot plants -- some of them trying to be trees! -- growing out of the foundations of the Île!

    Lovely photo essay of a lovely city!

    1. What a lovely comment to share Gwenn.....I'll see if I can spot those plants! Just the other day we sat on the terrace of a little bistro right on the corner near the pont on Ile St Louis......enjoyed a hot chocolate as the awnings flapped overhead and listened to a violinist playing for the patrons in the bistro. Another simple's funny how those memories remain your favourites. A bientot.