Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Giverny Masterpiece

Up early this morning...for Giverny, Monet's most wonderful masterpiece.
Pierre wanted to take la voiture rouge, but I wanted to drive la voiture blue!
So we decided on the train instead!
We arrived at Giverny at 9.30am hoping to dodge all the tourists.....weren't we silly.  Within an hour, there were hundreds enjoying this magnificent garden.

I think Monet described his garden as his greatest masterpiece and I can see why....the French style garden at the front of his maison is a sublime mix of Springtime blues, pinks, oranges and yellows framed by green arches trailing with wild roses, and his serene Japanese garden is filled with weeping willows, bamboo, wisteria and that famous lilly pond.

The garden was lovely despite all the rain we've had during the last week.....a Springtime feast for the eyes.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see it in each season..and observe, as Monet did, the garden's changing kaleidoscope of colour and light.

As I wandered around the garden I marvelled at how such a prolific artist found the time to paint all those masterpieces http://giverny-monet.com/top10en.htm as well as create and maintain this magnificent garden?  Maybe he controlled events from afar (like I try to do at home) and had a team of gardeners do all that potting, weeding, pruning, digging, planting etc etc.

Have a little frolic through the garden and let the colours sweep over you.
Those famous irises were everywhere.
The Grand Allée that runs up to the front of the maison.
Blue irises...exactly what he painted.
I loved these cerise balls on long, lime stems...not sure what there're called.
Springtime yellow and orange..everywhere.
A mixed palette....perfect for the painter.
Those blue irises....were beautiful.
And the drama of black against lime...mental note to me.
That famous lilly pond...with reflections, weeping willows et al.
Wild roses
I can just image Monet painting this.
The flaming Japanese maple...was a strong accent....now I know why a dash of red looks fantastic in a room.
Under the weeping willow.
I'll see if I can spot this boat in one of his paintings.
Monet's maison with green shutters looked lovely against the garden's greens.
Inside the maison, the kitchen was also a feast for the eyes...
mustard yellow walls,
terracotta + cream tiles
and inky-blue Japanese prints on the walls.
 Yes....it's easy to see why Monet said that Giverny was his greatest masterpiece.

And to complete the journey.....we're off to Musée de l'Orangerie on Thursday to see those waterlillies (again).

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  1. Feeling totally refreshed now that I've been immersed in Monet's masterpiece. Thanks Robyn your photos are so vivid and inviting. Oh well, off to do some pruning, weeding, digging and mulching!!! Jude
    PS You'll have to ship at least one of les voiture (?) back to Brisbane!!!

    1. Happy gardening in your glorious garden Jude. I know it will be looking lovely (as usual) in Queensland's autumn.

  2. You take such fabulous pictures of Monet's flowers + I adore the journeys we take with me tucked in your pocket. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    1. So appreciate you accompanying me Peggy.....it's lovely to share.

  3. I"ve always longed to visit Monsieur Monet's home.... now I have!:) And a wonderful tour it has been my dear. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the lily pads!!!

    While you're in Paris, be sure to spend a long afternoon at the Marmottan Monet. I love the paintings that he did when his eyesight began to really fail. They are vibrant in color and take on a more abstract quality. Sitting on the bench and surveying the room full of his work, one would almost think more than one artist had been there.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Virginia. I will certainly visit Marmottan Monet.....and get lost in those vibrant colours. Have you seen the lily pads at the Musée de l"Orangerie.....they are SOOOO beautiful!

  4. When I saw your gorgeous photos of Monet's garden, I immediately thought about the Marmottan which Virginia mentioned above. I have been twice and you would enjoy walking through Jardin du Ranelaugh on your way.

    Although I was familiar with the Monet water lillies, I almost fainted the first time I saw them at l'Orangerie. My daughter and I walked in early on a dark and rainy December day with hardly a soul present to share these treasures. When one has only seen a great artwork in a book, the real-life size is overwhelming!

    I hope that you are having a fabulous time, and I only wish that I was there now to meet you. Perhaps in October when I return...


    1. Merci beaucoup Genie...I know exactly what you mean about seeing the waterlillies.....what a masterwork! I'll certainly visit the Marmottan.....praps we can both go in October!! Would love to meet you.