Sunday, 8 November 2015

Purple Haze

Purple haze….all around….Brisbane beauty each October and November.

Paris has its greige architecture.....Amsterdam its orange as only Dublin can do….and here, we have Jacaranda perfection.

It's a powerful pop of purple intensified by its tropical green settings, contrasted against blue grey skies.
Backyards, footpaths, parklands, riverbanks are swathed in purple petals….squint and you see a violet tinted sky.
Lavender….violet….purple….perfumed petal bonnets.  I'm totally addicted to their intoxicating beauty.
Purple haze….a natural high…."'scuse me while I kiss the sky."
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  1. Hi, dear Robyn! Hi, dear little Xiu Xiu! I can hardly believe my eyes. Purple haze, indeed. With Jacaranda trees and blossoms everywhere you look at this time of year I can understand how you are experiencing a natural high. They are spectacular. I also clicked back to your 2012 post and gazed at those brilliant yellows. Unfortunately I don't get to see much in the way of fall color here in Florida, but springtime is delightful with Cape Myrtle and other colorful species in bloom.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend Robyn! I have a new post coming in less than 10 hours and I think you might enjoy the music. I invite you to visit. Please give your pup a pat for me. :)

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Beautiful trees! We have a few of them here in Phoenix, but I don't think they are native to the area.

    Herm in Phoenix, AZ

  3. merveille des merveilles!!!biz

  4. Hi Robyn these are terrific pics of Jacarandas. They take me back to my high school days in Toowoomba where I'd always be sitting for exams amidst the 'purple haze'. Hendrix would definitely have another interpretation no doubt!!!!! I hope your friends in Paris are all safe. Such a dreadful time for France. Jude

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the lovely images!

  6. I do love all the purple 'haze' around you... the flowers are gorgeous...

  7. I did not know these lovely trees with purple flowers until I saw a row of them in Long Beach, California. They are lovely, and your photographs are as well.

  8. I recall seeing these beautiful flowering trees in Australia - I loved how the dropped blossoms looked like carpets - so pretty.
    Hope all is well dear Robyn and that your absence from your blog is due to you doing things much more exciting - however do hope you pop up here again soon. You are missed.
    Sending very best wishes for this new year - may it be full of colorful, joyous moments.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Just to let you know I still miss you, and your blog, and your comments on my blog
    etc. and only hope all is well and life is good Robyn.

    Take care - be happy.
    Mary x