Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lucca...A Splendid Gem

Last night we arrived back in Paris (and it's still raining!!!!) after a week in Lucca........and what a week it was.

Lucca was the perfect setting for my drawing/watercolour workshop with Pauline Fraisse .

The city is full of colour, interesting angles and lines, Puccini opera, (the great composer was born in Lucca) bicycles, ancient trees...and the Italian way!  Oh....and the food...bellissimo!  It really is "a splendid gem" as one historical scholar described it.

My fellow students (mostly French and one British artist) and I worked intently on our art projects.....but we also had time to explore this beautiful city between classes.  My limited French and Italian were stretched to the limit....thank heavens for sign language!

Here's a sample of my week in Lucca.

(1)  The yellows, pinks, greens and ochres of Lucca
Notre apartment (centre yellow building, top floor)......just across from the Music Institute of Lucca.  We could hear the students was sooooooo relaxing.
How do those ancient trees survive on top of that tower?
Geometric shapes, angles, lines, curves, shadows....bellissimo Lucca.
The ancient walls were works of art.
(2)  Lucca is a city of 99 churches...all of them beautiful.

(3) Rain....but only for a few days

(4)  Drawing/painting in Lucca

We spent our mornings observing and drawing the shapes, angles, colours and lines of Lucca...and then at night, the workshop continued with more creative activities.  

My travel sketchbook (which I eventually transformed into a concertina book) contained drawings, paintings, collages, text, found objects and thoughts about my week in's how it progressed.
 Voila!  My travel sketchbook of Lucca.

I'll complete it back here in Paris with a little more was fun to do.....and is probably the best souvenir of Lucca that I could bring home.  I've still got a very long way to go with watercolour and drawing.....but I've made my first step.....let's see where it leads.

Next Saturday, I'm off to do another workshop with Pauline.  This time, in the garden at Musée, let's hope the rain has stopped by then and that the roses are blooming!

A bientôt!

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  1. I adore your sketchbook of Lucca. Sent it on to friends.

    1. How lovely of you to say that Peggy. I hope your friends like it too. Merci beaucoup.

  2. Gorgeous sketchbook Robyn. You must be exhausted, satisfied and uplifted. What a beautiful place to nurture your talents. A bientot. Jude

    1. was bellissimo! All of the students produced wonderful work...and our teacher was inspiring! A bientot.

  3. OH WOW!! SO beautiful!! Take me to Paris!

    1. Yes..lots of WOW factor here Meredith..merci beaucoup.

  4. Robyn, I adore your photography, descriptions, stories and observations of your trip to Lucca but most of all I love your Italian Sketchbook. It is beautiful, I particularly liked the drawing of the steps and the trefoil window.
    What an adventure!

    1. What a lovely comment Paul...merci beaucoup.

  5. I'm SO INSPIRED by your sketch books. I'll be in Scotland and Ireland this summer and because of you I'm dashing out to buy myself a little (less ambitious than yours) sketch pad for my journey!!!! Too fun!

    1. Merci beaucoup.....I'm always a little tentative about posting my when I receive comments like yours I'm blown away!!! You'll love Scotland and Ireland....have you seen my post on the Isle of is soooo bee-you-tee-ful! Have a squizz at "Mes Journals Pour Paris" post.