Friday, 2 January 2015

Bit of Paradise (BOP) 1 & 2 - Noosa and Cooroy, Queensland

Good morning everyone on this very hot, humid and sticky Saturday, 3 January 2015!

As I type this blog post, a pigeon is cooing on the telephone line overhead…..there's green everywhere and I have to say, "it's a gentle start to the day."  I like those starts.

In a previous post, I said that I like to create Art 'in a series' so, for consistency, I thought I'd also post some blogs 'in a series' too….an easy way to follow my gad-abouts this year.
I've introduced you to the "Promenade with my Parapluie" series"…..following is the "Bit of Paradise" (BOP) series.  There'll be lots and lots of BOPs!!!  They're everywhere here in Australia.
Here's my first BOP.
BOP 1 - Noosa
Noosa is on the Sunshine Coast…about a 2 hour slow drive from Brisbane.  It's a truly glorious spot…and that's where we bolt to when we need to 'smell the roses' (or sea spray) as they say.
We plonk ourselves smack bang on Noosa beach, watch swimmers far out splashing away with the Australian Crawl or catching a wave, cool ourselves under those magnificent Pandanus and simply connect with the glorious Noosa environment.  Noosa...fine one day...perfect the next!
The Pandanus are so ancient looking and sculptural.  They're beautiful to draw too.
Watercolours, pencil case and a pad of paper goes with me to Noosa…nothing better
 than to sit on the balcony, draw, feel the warm breeze and smell that ocean.
So there's just a little taste of Noosa for now….it's all glorious up there but that'll be another post.
Now here's my second BOP.
BOP 2 - Cooroy
I consider Cooroy to be a hidden gem.

Situated in the Noosa Hinterland,  it's a farming area….dominated by the Cooroy Mountain (which some have been known to 'race' (run) up!

Our oldest friends live there.

They've developed their beautiful BOP over the last 10 years with a lot of love, hard work, talent, vision, skill, connection to the land and creativity.
It looked nothing like this 10 years ago….raw bushland, somewhat overgrown with noxious weeds like Camphor Laurel and Privet….no residence, shed, dam, water bore, tanks, fences….no sculpted garden, cooling clumps of trees, grape-covered archway, vegetable garden, orchard, chicken house etc.

Congratulations my dear friends….you are generous in spirit, have a real connection with our wonderful environment and developed a BOP that you can truly be proud of.

Take a look….I'm sure you'll agree with me.
An Aussie Stonehenge perhaps?
This is where I take a rest, smell 'the grapes" and take in the exquisite view.
I can feel my blood pressure drop at least 10 points whenever I visit!
My friends also love rust in the garden….aahhh great minds...!!!!!  Well, it's so Aussie isn't it?
Rust and corrugated iron in the garden are a perfect match….and what a contrast to the green!
Lush, blood red helaconia.
A lacy parapluie….direct from Mother Nature.
Look…up in the sky…is it a bird, cockatoo, galah, magpie, guinea fowl, dove, owl, currawong, hawk or a kookaburra?
All of the above…and more.
He's one proud and beautiful rooster!  Those hens are good sorts too!
Christmas stars….direct from Mother Nature.
Holding on tight with an 'araldite' grip.
Those essential watering cans….to help delicate young things along the way to vibrant growth.
A splash of vermillion….the perfect shade for a summer lippy me thinks!!
Plump, juicy finger limes.  Try these in a Soda Stream….with icy batons….incredible!
Who needs Dom Perignon 2004?  OK!!!  Let's not get too carried away now!
Blue Quandong berries.  Tiffany was, no doubt, inspired by their shape and colour….I've seen lapis bead necklaces like these berries in their window.  For creativity….always head to Mother Nature….you can't go wrong.
The dam….apparently it leaks.  But I just adore it the way it is.
Rusty, leathery sculpture….direct from Mother Nature.
Can you believe our friends' talent, skill and creativity?
You can see their strong connection to the land can't you?
And a babbling brook!!!!  Does it get any better than this?
Mottled, mosaic leaf litter covering the way over the clay bridge.
Nature's treasure caught inside a rusty ball.
Schiaparelli pink coloured orchids.
Guerlain…eat your heart out.  Now THIS is "L'heure bleue".
Strike a pose darling!
Rosemary for remembrance.
Remembering this Cooroy BOP is easy.  Abundant and beautiful…a huge credit to my friends.
Exquisite?  Yes
Hard Work?  You bet….and for many years.
Worth it?  Without a doubt.

Oodles of Art inspiration for me in the coming weeks I think.  And I think the colour 'green' just may feature!

Would love to know if you enjoyed my first two BOPs!  Post a comment if you have the time.

Anyway, have to be off to start "Le beautification" for the big date tonight.

Anniversary tonight…one year short of 4 decades!  Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where did it go?

Unfortunately, I won't be wearing the exceptional "L'heure bleue".  I'll be wearing Guerlain's "Chamade"….the one I wore 39 years ago!




  1. Dear PRB,
    I love the BOPs! I always notice those lovely blue quandongs on the ground on a walk I do. BOPs would be lots of work, but so lovely when the BOP grows.
    Enjoy your eve. Xx

    1. You bet FF. Lots of hard work along the way...but what an achievement. See you later today. Ciao, Robyn
      P.S. Evening was great!

  2. It was great to catch up & share our BOP with you et Pierre Robyn......Bonaparte (aka the Rooster) thinks he's rather a star your Pandanus sketches....they are an amazing form...hope you enjoyed your evening. Jude

    1. Yes...Bonaparte's a star Jude. And yes...always enjoy ourselves in Paradise with you and Alan! Love to know of your new projects for the New Year send photos as Alan thinks them up!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao, Robyn

  3. Hello again, dear Robyn! I feel very lucky that you somehow found me in the blog universe and reached out your hand in friendship. You have a wonderful blog and a fascinating life and I am happily following you now.

    These Bits of Paradise you have shown us are exquisite. Gazing at these tranquil scenes has a calming effect. Places such as these are ideal getaway spots when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Originally from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., I now live in Central Florida where the TV weatherman loves to boast, "It's just another perfect day in paradise." However, the natural settings on display in this post are more beautiful than anything I have seen in my 30 years in Florida. I wish I could be there to explore these lovely areas of Australia.

    Thank you again for choosing to follow my blog, dear Robyn, and especially for all the kind words you wrote. Have a wonderful day there in Brisbane and I'll chat with you again soon!

    1. Well Shady Del Knight....there were lots and lots of reasons why I decided to follow your blog....I'll tell you one day if you like. But that story you wrote about the Shady Del...cinched it for me. What a place it must have been....coming of age in such an extraordinary, welcoming and respectful 'groovy' pad...must have fabulous! Here in Brisbane, I had "The Red Orb"....really groovy girlfriend and I went mostly for the R&B music...oh and all the good looking men!!! Anyway, I'm glad you liked my BOPs. And yes, they do have a calming effect I agree...much better than all those computers, iphones, ipads et al don't you think!
      Ciao for now,
      P.S. I loved "The Graduate" too!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I need to go back to Noosa soon.

    1. Thanks Debra....and it's just on our doorstep. I mean, how lucky are we!!! Ciao, R.

  5. Great shots of Noosa and what a great property.

    1. Happy New Year Magnolia Verandah. I suppose you cooked up a storm for Christmas!!
      Yes, my friends have a glorious property....and Noosa is always beautiful. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2015.



  6. Wow... do you have a LOT of beautiful images of Australia here... I am sure you will find plenty of inspiration in 2015.. happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog dear "layers". I adore your work. And yes, I sure have lots of inspiration for this year....have just, this morning, commenced 5 beautiful drawings inspired by the Cooroy BOP. Will photograph them when completed and post them so all can see my interpretation. Will be following your beautiful layers this year. I wish you a very happy and creative 2015!