Friday, 16 January 2015

Bit of Paradise (BOP) 3 - Swansea, Tasmania

I had a disappointment yesterday.

My 'new direction' which I've been hoping for, for many years, is not going to happen now.

I think I would have been good at it....but they didn't!

Never's all perceptions isn't it?  And a bit of a slap around the 'chops' is good for the soul I've heard it said!

So....onto Pan B!!!!!!

But first, I need to gather my 'balance of self' post-disappointment and breathe deeply!

To help's Swansea in Tasmania....a true BOP!
Caramel brown grasses on the dunes.  Beautiful to play hide and seek behind.  And we did just that!
Beach treasure 1:  Black Seaweed Sculpture
My oh my....those colours!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to hide in that shed yesterday when I read the email.  But then...c'est la vie!  Time to pull out Plan B.
Beach treasure 2:  Shattered Shells
There's that shed again...but instead of hiding in it...this morning I thought I'd blog about it.  Nice spot, isn't it? 
Beach treasure 3:  One Black Thong...of the feet variety!!!!!!!!!!!
Just over there is the glorious Freycinet....that's a BOP too.  I'll do a post on that one day...incredibly beautiful place.
Now there's a drawing just waiting to be made. 
Lime grasses against russet rocks....too beautiful don't you think?  Nature....glorious one day, perfect the next!
Beach/Road treasure 4:  Natural Rock Outcrop with Grass Necklace.
That shadow!!! And there's a little rainbow in it!
Where are my pencils and inks....gotta get this one done pronto!
My seaweed treasure turned into a long nosed Sea Monster.
Gathered beach treasure on the breakfast table.
And lastly.....the best beach treasure of all.....wildflowers.


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  1. Hi, dear Robyn! I'm sorry you've experienced a setback of sorts, but you seem to be taking it in stride. You will surely enjoy your share of victories, large and small, to offset this defeat.

    These are incredible scenes captured by your camera in Tasmania, a place far, far away on the other side of the world from my Florida home. There is little chance that I will ever visit this BOP but, thanks to you, I have witnessed some of its natural beauty. The color combinations are indeed stunning and the juxtaposition of rocks, grasses, seaweed, water and sky create an endless supply of artistic compositions. I imagine it gets quite chilly, wet and windy down there in the winter time and that cozy shed would offer welcome protection during a storm.

    Thank you for showing me this delightful bit of paradise, dear friend Robyn, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Thank you for that Shady. Yes, when you have your heart set on something for many years...and it doesn't happen, it can be hard to accept. But never mind...lots of other intoxicating experiences in life to enjoy. That particular one, unfortunately, won't be among them!

    Tasmania is gorgeous Shady. I do hope you get the chance to visit one's very special. Put it on your Bucket List Shady!!!!!

    It has a most interesting history as an extremely harsh penal settlement which was located at Port Arthur which I'm sure you've heard about. Today the island is bursting with gorgeousness!!! Green rolling hills, quaint towns and hamlets, beautiful architecture, natural scenery that you gasp at when you experience it "up, close and personal"....and now it's developing a really lively and energetic Arts scene. Have you heard of MONA incredible art gallery (privately owned) that's situated in Hobart.

    Yes, I love Tassie, as it affectionately known to Aussies! And you're right gets incredibly cold in Winter. It's high Summer down here at present and Brisbane is like an oven...but Tassie was a chilly 18 degrees yesterday!

    So Shady....when are you coming?

    And...such charming comments you leave Shady...I always look forward to them.



  3. Such a shame about your disappointment Robyn.....sometime things happen for the best, and I'm sure your plan B will be just that. These photos are have captured the treasures of this beautiful island to the core....sublime contrast of nature's beautiful inspiring.
    Will look forward to hearing about your plan B Jude

    1. Plan B being finalised as I type Jude!! Didn't want to waste too much time being sad...and you know, as so many of my dear friends have advised me, one door closes...and another opens. Incredible really...but it happened!!!!!!!!! So all good now Jude....and Plan B will probably be the most satisfying option.

      Yes, Tassie is inspiring Jude...and I think this is the little private beach that you and Alan stayed at a while ago. It's again on our 'to do' list for the end of the year. Now I wonder if that 'thong' is still there!!!!!!