Friday, 23 January 2015

The Fashion, The Beautiful People, The Band and Their Autographs

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) presents the most wonderful exhibitions.

Currently, there's a block buster if you happen to like beauty, elegance, subtlety, mystery, imperfect perfection etc etc (aka Japanese aesthetics).

It's called "Future Beauty - 30 Years of Japanese Fashion".
Japanese fashions from 1980s through to the present are on view.  Extraordinary really....the exhibition's been beautifully and thoughtfully curated, there's pop-up and 'pocket' stores where you can buy Japanese and Japanese inspired merchandise....all beautiful and absolutely essential!

On Friday nights (after hours) there the Future Beauty Up-Late know, with great bands, DJs, designer talks, Japanese food, fab wine bar and slow, unencumbered walks through the exhibition.

We've been twice with friends....and last night an amazing little band played.

Shonen Knife!!!!!  Three Japanese girls, pint-sized and as cute as..........but could they rock!

Here's how the night went.

The Fashion
Unfortunately GOMA wouldn't allow me to photograph the actual fashions in the exhibition!
Duhhh!!!!!!!  Silly 'rule' isn't it?   But I suppose it does cost a lot of $$$$ to publish their catalogues!!
But there were lots of interesting videos and exhibits outside the exhibition where the beautiful people were rockin' .
Timeline from 1980s to now....Japanese fashion has had an enormous influenceon world fashion
in the late twentieth century.  I love innovation and I love it when people dare to be different....
and I love it even more when society accepts that difference!!
The late, great Alexander McQueen.
Gorgeous designer and models tucking in.
The Hat Box in Brisbane Arcade might have these chapeaux in stock!!
Wouldn't you like to wear a cloud on your head too?  Or at least have a cloud light hanging from your ceiling.
Saw a pendant cloud light just like this the other day in Unique France!!
Swoon!  I'm going back for another look too.
Yes, Japanese fashion has influenced home decoration big time.
The Beautiful People
The night was Pure Gold!!!!!!!!!
Love those shoes darlings!!!!!
Stage being set up....I tried to get a good position....but I was quickly swamped by all the enthusiasts.
Imperfect Perfection....a creation from Flora Fascinata.
Red suede shoes....perfection!!!!!!!
The beer's always good at GOMA....icy cold for our hot, humid evenings.
Totally gorgeous in tartan!
Cute girls...waiting for those other cute girls, Shonen Knife, to start rockin'.
That hairdo was just fantastic!!
As I said, Shonen Knife are pint the vertically challenged
amongst us (of which I'm a member) had to perch on our tippy toes.
Elegance....the beautiful people, casually displaying Japanese aesthetics
without even thinking about it! 
Fantastic sparkles and glitter.
THE Band - Shonen Knife
Well, I thought I had a good position but soon everyone else wanted it too!!
Rockin' the night away.
Shonen Knife...pint sized but they were colassal on stage!
Go Girls!!!!!!
And Their Autographs
That lucky, lucky fan....3 autographs from Shonen Knife!
Do you think she's happy???  You reckon?
Beautiful women, talented and generous.
The hubster wanted to be their stage manager....they're considering it and will get back to him in the fullness
of time, and at the appropriate juncture!
Time to flee....the mobs were getting restless!
Voila!!!!!  Their autographs proudly displayed by all these beautiful people!
Thanks guys.  You are great.  Liked your style heaps!
Will I see you all at the David Lynch Up Late coming soon????

So...I'm onto Ebay tomorrow.

I just know I'll find a vintage Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto for a song.  Yes....I'm a glass half full kinda girl!

Bring on the Perfect Imperfection I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Such a great Show and those girls from Shonen rock! Such a poignant note to see Lee's photo. I felt so sad when I saw him at the end of that wonderful timeline of fashion aesthetics and movements. That cloud hat, the wabi sabi and Rei K's notion of challenging the viewer, Akira's chrysanthemum mural I love. I might have to go back....because I have left too much out!!!!
    Beautiful recount, dear PRB. Xx

    1. I could go back again and again FF. Every time I go I learn something new.

      Wabi sabi....imperfect perfection....and the other 8 Japanese aesthetics will be guiding me for the rest of my life. Bravo "Future Beauty"...and thank you to GOMA's visionary leaders and director. Brisbane appreciates you all!



  2. Hi, Robyn! It looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks to your blog I am coming to realize for the first time in my life that Brisbane is a mecca for lovers of art, fashion and other forms of culture. That exhibit tracing 30 years of Japanese fashion must have been quite interesting. Over the years I have noticed the growing Japanese influence on Western civilization. Thank you for showing us the highlights of this event, dear Robyn, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thank you Shady. I'll certainly give it my best shot. We're celebrating Australia Day this Australians all over the country will be having barbecues, out with mates and family, at the beach, down in the park playing cricket or having a picnic etc etc etc. Gorgeous blue skies this I better get to it!



  3. Wow! Robyn....must have been such a cool exhibition!!! Japanese Fashion is just amazing....most incredible yet simplistic lines....and aside from Issey Miyake etc etc Australia's "own" Akira Isogawa is such a talent, especially when it comes to textile design...I did masses of development work with Japanese Fabric & Accessory Houses (in my past life) and they were just such a pleasure to do business with...quality products and so professional and never any dramas.....lots of beautiful people certainly appearing to be having a fun time at FB uplate.....are you intending to travel with hubster while he's touring (as manager) with Shonen Knife???Maybe he can get them a booking as backing band for Bob Dylan??? Must have been a fun are great.....keep rocking!!! Jude