Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fleas, Bugs and Other Treasures

I love snorkling around the flea markets in just never know what incredible piece of preciousness you're going to find.  Even a tatty old book can be the inspiration for a new series of etchings and provide special chine colle highlights.

A tatty old book was all I could afford when I visited the Clignancourt flea market in 2010 (see below) and it's proven a wonderful 'treasure'.

It's an old Blue Guide Book of Paris called "Les Guides Bleus Environs De Paris" - containing coloured maps and guide to Paris and its environs.  The pages (some of which are 'duck egg blue' and hence the title Blue Guide Book) have been wonderful to print on and I often use them and the included maps to create unique works.

I also found 'nesting' in a large glass cabinet of costume jewellery, two little bug brooches from 1930s - one little critter was brass with amber glass, and the other, carved timber with etched brass wings.  These exquisite little brooches also came home with me.  Who knows, they may one day find their way into my prints.

Have a look this is a Parisian fleamarket!!!!!   The wonderful Marche aux Puces de St-Ouen, Clignancourt just outside Montmartre.  C'est fantastique non?

The Blue Guide Book of Paris gets to live again!!

Voila!  Flea just never know what you'll find.


  1. I love those bugs!

  2. Thanks Debra...I love wearing the two together. Dear little things!

  3. Fantastic Photographs! Not to mention the prints and the bugs of course!! You and Pierre are never going to regret your decision to put your Brisbane life on hold. Oh la la! Jude

  4. I hope it's going to be a joy living in Paris for a time Jude. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.