Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Chasing Shadows and Reflections in Paris

Something that I really enjoy doing is photographing reflections and shadows.

I like the blurry, skewed images you can achieve when photographing reflections. Often they can be much more beautiful than the actual image you're attempting to photograph.

It's fun to chase shadows too (in the photographic sense that is)....they can be playful...atmospheric...alluring....or mysterious. 

Pierre and I have been chasing shadows here in Paris for the last 9 months....and it's been glorious.   We are truly fortunate to have experienced this precious time....a fascinating and wonderful part of our life.   

J'adore Paris....particularly its shadows and reflections!

Reflecting in Paris and Giverny....
Chasing shadows in Paris....
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  1. These are divine. Happy Wednesday here in S. CA

  2. Fantastic post. Shadows and reflections - it's so poetic. Wonderful images. Especially the lilly pond.
    You're absolutely right, quite often the reflections bring the best in objects more vividly.

  3. Beautiful photos. I loved the photo of the green door. Greetings!

  4. Fantastic as always Robyn. Merci Jude