Saturday, 11 August 2012

Evening in Paris

A summer evening in Paris is truly glorious.....the sky is a deep midnight....streetlights give a romantic glow and the Seine glimmers with reflections.   Just a slow wander along the Seine at this time of year is a wonderful experience.

It's it's relatively quiet here in Paris....many of the locals have 'gone to the beach' in Portugal, Morocco, Spain, St Tropez and elsewhere.   So it's easy to get around and enjoy a summer evening in Paris.  The warm weather is finally we're enjoying it while we can.

The other night Pierre and I headed down to Paris' beach...le plage...(what crazy fun) before going to dinner and then a slow wander home.  This is what we saw.
8pm and perfect weather for la plage.... palm trees et al!
Or if you fancy a game of plage is the place to be.
I definitely want to lounge in one of those slings....
a very pleasant way to spend
a summer afternoon don't you think?
Picnic, champers, sunnies...and praps a nap.
Just like being in Noosa!
I've yet to have a misting.....I better get
down there fast!  Praps this arvo.
Not a bad view is it?
We had dinner at Place Dauphine....just near Pont Neuf....a beautiful location.
A little hidden square (well, kind of)....
where the boys play boules, buskers entertain the tourists and locals....and Tai Chi is practised.
Dinner over and just starting to get dark....we set off on our
evening stroll along the Seine.
Voila!!  J'adore Paris in the evening!  Intense midnight beams of golden light.

My 'griege' collages of Paris are developing nicely....but I think I'm also going to have to do something 'bleu et noir' remember these superb summer evenings.  But more on that in another post.  

A bientôt.

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  1. Too beautiful!

  2. That lapis blue / cobalt blue sky really POPS !!

    1. If only I could find some ink that colour Lili! Isn't it gorgeous.

  3. Evenings in Paris are magic. Did you manage some time out on the big blue Lazy boys?? Jude

    1. They were always taken Jude! Never mind....we're having a heat wave at present....38 degrees!!!

  4. L'heure bleue... je l'adore bien! The evening shots are delightful and I can imagine you two strolling along the Seine.

    I have not seen Paris plage in several years, usually not there in August... love your photos of the "beach scene."


    1. I must admit Genie that strolling along the Seine on a summer's evening is pretty good!