Thursday, 2 August 2012

Parisian Extravagence and Opulence II

It was a glorious Summer day when we ventured to Versailles.
There were a few people to meet us...and marvel at Versailles' glorious splendour.
As well as the marbles, paintings, mirrors and golden opulence there was also an extraordinary contemporary exhibition of sculptures displayed in the chateau and garden.

I thought they really suited the chateau...and gave it a 21st century vibe!  Have a look....
A sparkling 21st century 'heart' chandelier
made from red plastic strips.
Royal court shoes in the Hall of Mirrors!!
Reflections of marbles, paintings, chandeliers everywhere...
even on the pots and pans!
Titled "Marilyn", the shoe sculptures
were created entirely from pots and pans.
Marie-Antoinette would have loved these for sure.
"THAT" boudoir...with escape hatch/doorway below.
On the State Apartments.
Meet Joseph-Antoine......doesn't he look smart!
Enormous, colourful textile sculptures, hovered from the ceilings
of various galleries in the State Apartments.
Were they angels? chandeliers? sea creatures?
Whatever they were, they were brilliant!
Pierre, being an old legal eagle, loved this marble of Voltaire (below)....
that wonderful philosopher, poet and writer...
his thoughts and ideas influenced the French Revolution.
He looks kind doesn't he?  And he was one of the first
in France to be writing about the need for
civil liberties, free speech and freedom of religion.
The garden, which took over 40 years to complete, is extraordinary....with its grand canal, fountains, orangerie, flower beds, clipped hedges and assorted marbles.  It just went on and on!
Of course, I loved the rusty wire teapot....there was a jug too.
But all this extravagence and opulence was a bit much for Marie-Antoinette...apparently she wanted a simpler life free of pomp and ceremony.
So her dear Louis gave her another little abode in the grounds of the estate...the Petit Trianon....and only those with her consent (including Louis) could visit.
Yes...they played billiards in the Petit was a place for parties!
The Petit Trianon was my favourite....such a quiet and gentle space....with a natural, wild garden....quite different from the formal gardens of the chateau.

And this is where Marie and her friends would have their evenings soirées.  Can't you just imagine the fun and games?

A bientôt.

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  1. Stunning photographs, the mix of old and new art is so refreshing. Versailles really is the sugar on the angelica, on the cherry, on the fondant on the cake, non!

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself Paul...exactement!

  2. I now do not have any urgency to visit Paris or Versailles as I Ihave visited vicariously through you. Your photos have such wonderful depth, I feel if I touched the screen they would have texture. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vision with us!
    Much love

    1. Di...such a lovely compliment coming from a photographer 'par excellent' such as good to know that you're enjoying my adventures too.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing these beautiful pictures. These are some of the best I have ever seen!!! EXCELLENT! I enjoyed the entire tour, inside and out it was fabulous. I appreciate getting to see France through your eyes. Blessings, Lisa

    1. Thank you so much Lisa...though I must admit it's pretty easy taking lovely pictures of Versailles....everywhere is sooooo beautiful.

  4. I could very comfortably settle into the Petit Trianon. Thanks for the insite of Versailles Robyn. Sculptures are amazing, and the gardens, my gosh I'm never going to complain about gardening again. Jude

    1. And how is your beautiful garden Jude? Hope the Australian winter has been kind to it. (And guess what...the steps in the Versailles garden reminded me of Alan's creation!!!!!!!!!!)

    2. We are finally having a burst of pure winter weather here (after several months of wet, wet, wet!). Just divine! Cool evenings and sunny, sunny days. We are happy gardeners at present, managing to get all into shape.
      Alan will be pleased you compared his creation with Versailles!!! A OMG moment for him no doubt.

    3. Salut Jude....tell Alan if ever they're hiring at Versailles, he should definitely put his hand up!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your beautiful Winter and garden.