Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ach Berlin

Ach Berlin....still a city of great contrasts.  But a lot more about that in my next post.

First day out and about...and, unfortunately, I go 'splatt' right in front on our apartment!

Tripped over the pavement you yesterday was just a little slower than usual.   I was a little dusty and bruised...but not entirely over and out.

But here's a little taste of Berlin......that infamous wall (now East Side Gallery), a coffee culture that would rival Fitzroy in Melbourne and of, course, sausages!

(1)  East Side Gallery

(2)  Coffees and pastries...spoilt for choice on our strasse.

(3)  Sausages to go
Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. oh god i hope you're ok robyn. oh bugger. go easy.
    so you've done some research and found my suburb in berlin!! thank you so much. i live in collingwood/border fitzroy... you must be in a very cultural place (ok, with a few surprises too).

    enjoy and take care.

    1. Yep, very much like your digs in Melbourne is very, very good too. Boy, I really needed one after my spill yesterday...but all go today. On and on! Adored your post on Italy by the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So sorry about your accident...hope you are 100% real soon. Be careful in your haste to capture all these beautiful images. Don't break anything that would hinder you from taking pictures...we look too forward to them. LOL Love all the colors and especially the picture of Ms. Dietrich. Have a great day!!

  3. OMGOSH Robyn. Hope you're recovering well. Fab pics as always. Love the vintage upholstered chairs. Watch the pavement! Jude

  4. I adore Berlin. It is so vibrant and full of energy. Hope you have recovered from your fall and I look forward to more pics.