Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Love Paris in the Spring Time....

No....this isn't Paris in the spring time (yet)...but now that all my packing jobbies have been done I'm just hangin' around in Brisbane singin' this:
Doesn't get much better than Frank...does it?

Earlier in the week, Pierre and I went to see the gorgeous Jane Birkin in concert..... remember that little song she did with Serge all those years ago?  Je t'aime......who could forget it!
Paris in the spring time....I'll be there in just over a t'aime!  

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  1. Goodbye and good luck!! Don't forget to post lots of photos of your wonderful artwork you create....

    1. I will certainly do that Sandra.......and bonne chance (good luck) for your exhibition in May too......look forward to your posts on it. A bientot.

  2. Well my dear, you certainly look chic enough to be n Paris right now! Love the music of course. I had Jane and Serge on my blog player but decided it might be a bit too racy for the blog! LOL

    Have a marvelous trip. Can't wait to hear from you the minute you arrive.

    1. Merci beaucoup Virginia.....hope we can meet up in Paris next time you visit. Peut-etre å Cafe Nemours? Would love that.