Friday, 30 March 2012

Paris......We're On Our Way To You

Paris, City of Light....
we're on our way to you!
From Brisbane to Sydney, then Sydney to Abu Dhabi, and then on to Paris...
just 23 hours away!  Mon Dieu!

1.  Finalement/finally it's time to jet off to liste of jobbies is fini!
2.  Les boîtes Fedex/ Fedex boxes are packed and enroute to Paris.
3.  Mes valaises/my suitcases are tagged, packed and ready to go.
4.  Mes documents/my documents are safely packed in my hand luggage.
5.  Notre maison/our home at Albany Creek will soon be rented.
6.  Le voiture/the car has gone to a lovely new owner.
7.  Mon portable/my mobile phone is ready for international coverage.
8.  L'ordinateur/the laptop is downloaded with all our reservations etc.
9.  Le taxi is organised for when we land in Paris at 7.20 am dimanche/Sunday morning (after 23 hours travel).  Mon Dieu!
10.Le diner réservation is set for 7pm dimanche evening at Le Moulin de la Galette
Au revoir et merci beaucoup mes amis in Brisbane and beyond.......hope you keep following my adventures........and I promise to send you posts from Paris et al.

To Daniel from Alter Ego - I'll be the best dressed Aussi in Paris, merci beaucoup Daniel.
To Vivian at Soul Hair Design - merci beaucoup pour mon coupe! styliste exceptionale!
To Shan and the girls at Camargue - I know I'll burn out the leather on those shoes!  Look forward to seeing you in September.
To the fab team Optical Edge - merci beaucoup, my sunnies and frames are parfait!
To Judy and her team at Delross - merci for the beautiful fashioning of my remembrance lariat.
Merci beaucoup Judy
Adieu Brisbane,
Bonjour PARIS!

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  1. Wow, that flight is going to feel like an eternity! But what a great thing to look forward to!
    Wishing you a bon voyage!


  2. Merci beaucoup Mandy...yes it was a long time but we have now safely arrived. Now..the adventure can begin. A bientot.

  3. BON VOYAGE!!!! Finally the adventure begins. Have a fantastic time. Jude

    1. Bonjour Jude...Paris is gorgeous skies, bright sunshine and crisp (in fact, freezing for someone from Brisbane). The Spring blossoms are starting to lovely to see. Off to explore Montmartre today...will take it easy and catch the little Montmartrobus around these hilly streets. A bientot.