Saturday, 10 November 2012

Discoveries in Paris IV

The discoveries continue....on and are my latest finds.

1.  A quiet courtyard garden, just off Place des Vosges...this is the gorgeous little 'hidden' garden of Hotel du ancien Hotel Particulier on one corner of Place des Vosges.  It's very easy to miss....but worth the effort of's simply lovely....a green oasis right in the middle of Paris....away from all the madness....where you'll see and hear blackbirds fly through the garden.

And if it ever stops raining here in Paris (I wish), I plan to find a cosy little spot here and quietly sketch (albiet wearing a very warm coat and gloves).
See that little dark doorway in the lower  centre of the photo....
that's the doorway you go thru from Place des Vosges
 to discover this haven.

Through low doorways, down dark corridors and into hidden courtyards we venture.  
2.  THE quintessential Parisian bistro........and one that has a fabulous view just around the corner too....La Fontaine de Mars This bistro has everything you've ever dreamed checked tablecloths, duck stew, snails, cassoulet, friendly, helpful waiters....however, you'll need several brisk walks around the block after lunch here but you'll be feeling very happy with world at large.  Anyway, just around the corner is the Eiffel you'll adore the walk.
3.   The textures of Paris....facades, gildings, beautiful as a work of art. 
4.  The 'ultimate' shopping experience...should you be so inclined to want to shop in Paris and have a 'plutonium' credit card.
You guessed it...Le Bon Marché.

The name, Le Bon Marché, may not be entirely apt...i.e. the cheap there's absolutely nothing 'cheap' about (or in) Le Bon Marché...but it's the ultimate Parisian department store.

You can forget about traipsing all over Paris to buy your candles, perfume, lunettes, sacs, foulards, Chanel, Martin Margiela et it's all here (the best from all around the world in fact) under one gorgeous roof.  And they were even selling a trés chic selection of Aussie chapeaux!  

And, after you've bagged all your Parisian trinkets and  require a little shopping respite....praps a tarte citron et chocolat chaud or a glass of champers....just pop upstairs to the 2nd floor.

Need to redecorate your Parisian apartment?
Well it's all here!
Martin's coat....the ultimate duvet n'est-ce pas?

A bientot.

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  1. Can you pick me up the cow hid chair, the puffy coat and the blackbird, oh and a couple of Chanel lipsticks? I'll pick them up from you at your Exhibition. Lovely again, Flora. X

  2. Don't you just love a secret garden! And then a lovely cup of coffee - your photos are so inviting.

  3. Love that hidden garden, what a great find. That bistro is going on my list :-)

  4. Le Bon Marche is my favourite department store in the whole world.

  5. Love the pics of the facades!! There's that fantastic combination of rust and turquoise, and the crucifix, and the M, and the stone walls. My Gosh Robyn Totally stimulating for the senses. Merci Jude

    PS Tell Pierre he is looking tres chic as always!!

    1. The textures are just wonderful Jude...and I'll let Pierre know!!!

  6. The courtyard Hotel de Sully is one of my favorite spots as well as tiny Place Furstenberg.
    Bistro is now on my future list.
    Textures are fantastic! What an eye you have Robyn!
    In Le Bon Marche I loved best of all the Art Nouveau ceiling and lighting department.

    Thank you so much for signing up and lovely so much needed comments on my blog. I'm delighted to find a kindred spirit and a new friend.

    1. You won't go wrong with Fontaine de Mars Natalie....try the poached eggs in red wine with lardons...or their cassoulet......sublime!!!
      A bientot.