Monday, 26 November 2012

Those Lucky Lyonnaise

If you like rich, creamy, mouthwatering, delicious'll love Lyon!

The Lyonnaise have the best local markets where food growers sell the freshest produce.

There's also Paul Bocuse's covered market where one can find an incomprehensible selection of the most amazing foods and the city has a never-ending choice of cafés, restaurants, brasseries and 'boucherons' offering the very best Lyonnaise cuisine and beaujolais.

Pierre and I did our best to sample this amazing food....well, you just have to if you're in Lyon. It's food heaven.
The growers were wonderful...all eager to show and share their
wonderful produce.
And what a superb location...right on the quai
opposite L'Hotel-Dieu de Lyon
10am Saturday....and the locals were out with their shopping 'chariots'/trolleys.
Bagged a slice or two of this cheese for Paris....his cheese was fantastique!
The prices were cheap...great value.
The golden mushrooms in France are divine...cooked lightly
in butter with a dash of creme fraiche...fabulous!

The fresh produce is placed on small metal pans...just make your choice...and then take to the grower for purchase.
Fallen golden leaves amongst the produce....just lovely.
The growers do a fantastic job....up early to bring their magnificent
farm produce to us.
Ah...those lucky Lyonnaise children.
Looks like pre-revolutionary bread doesn't it?
Can you imagine growing up in Lyon?

You'd probably be raised on pork sausage stuffed with pistachios, or creamy soufflé of pike quenelle drenched in crayfish sauce.....and you'd probably regularly indulge in buttery brioche stuffed with porky goodness!  Oh those lucky Lyonnaise children!

And here's what all of that looks like....we tried lunch at Le Nord, one of Paul Bocuse's franchised was fantastic, great value and not expensive.
Salade...with lardons and poached egg.
Warm, buttery brioche filled with smoky pork sausage stuffed with pistachios...a Lyonnaise favourite.
Pierre's favourite...andouillette sausage
Soufflé of pike quenelle drenched in the richest crayfish sauce.  I can't begin to tell you
how good this little pillow of scrumptiousness was.
And after lunch a BIG stroll around Lyon.
Lyon is also known for its silk....
so we explored le Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs
I love snorkling through a book market...
lots on offer here...and what a glorious location right on the quai.
Spied a little bit of Australia at the book market.
This maison was completely covered with murals....of the celebrities of Lyon.
Here he is....Paul Bocuse, the master chef of Lyon.
Look closely....
By late afternoon, and after all that walking around Lyon, I could really relate to the sign below big time!  
Merci beaucoup Lyon....merci beaucoup Paul Bocuse.  J'adore Lyon!



  1. Another one for the bucket list .... you have done a fabulous job of enticing me into the gastronomy of the Lyonnaise .... might have to go and visit the fridge now .... Lili

  2. Lyon is a beautiful city. It looks like you enjoyed it! I love all of the photos from the market, yummy! I love the photos of the bread and the beautiful cheese.

    Have a wonderful week, Elizabeth

  3. I love a good market and who could resist buying something in Lyon - wow that cheese and bread looked amazing. I am loving your advertures and Lili is right one for the bucket list!

    1. Bonjour Magnolia would definitely love the Lyon markets....just imagine what you could cook with those fresh ingredients! A bientot.

  4. That's what I call grocery shopping! Jude
    & love the pics with the touch of red (Trees and Mailbox)