Thursday, 1 November 2012

Parisian Sculpture...Elegant and Monumental

The sculpture in Paris is extraordinary.

The variety of sculpture is limitless....there's Rodin, Bråncussi, Maillol, Picasso etc etc.  Then there's the sculptures on the facades of many Parisian buildings (like the Opera Garnier) and in Paris' parks and gardens.

There all smaller musées, too, specialising in sculpture.

Our charming French neighbours recently told us about a sculpture garden in one of Paris' smaller musées that they thought we may like...Musée Bourdelle.

When we visited, it was a "MON DIEU" moment every time we turned a corner!

Bourdelle was greatly admired by Rodin...and became an assistant to the great sculptor.  Many of his sculptures are, in a word, monumental!  Merci beaucoup to our lovely neighbours for recommending this interesting musée.  J'adore Musée Bourdelle!

And we recently visited another small sculpture garden just down la rue from Musée Bourdelle....this was Musée Zadkine.  Zadkine's sculptures, some elegant and curvacious, others wild and striking, are elegantly exhibited in this beautiful little musée.

I think these smaller musées do a fantastic job.   They give us an opportunity to get up 'close and personal' to such beauty and incredible art....what would we do without them!

Musée Zadkine: Elegance Personified
Musée Bourdelle:  Wow Factor in the Extreme

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  1. definitely lots of 'mon dieu' moments with your gorgeous photos. Merci Robyn. Jude