Thursday, 16 February 2012

Paris - Just Around the Corner

"Paris is just around the corner for you now Robyn!"

When a friend said this to me finally hit 5 weeks Pierre and I will be ensconced in Paris, rugged up against the cold, and sitting in a little cafe somewhere in Montmartre sipping vin rouge.

An adventure likes this comes once in a lifetime....and both Pierre and I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that we're able to do it.

Our home, here in Brisbane, is looking extremely 'minimal' as nearly everything is packed and wrapped ready for storage.   Walls, consoles, coffee tables, cupboards, bookshelves etc are all bare....not my usual decorating style at all!  And I've been flat out making sure that our home is fresh and perfect for rental.  Hopefully, that will happen soon too.
All wrapped and boxed
Bare walls
Cupboards are bare!
Storage boxes continue to multiply.
Next...I'll be packing the suitcases.
All our documents are in order, reservations etc locked in and now we're starting to plan the first couple of weeks in Paris.

I'll probably hit the art/paper boutiques as I want to stock up on arty things for my workshops with the charming and talented Pauline Fraisse  Have a look at Pauline's web many fab workshops to choose from.

My first week-long workshop, commencing 28 April, is in Lucca where we'll be exploring the concept of 'perspective' as well as constructing a 3D watercolour sketchbook of this lovely medieval Italian city.

Pierre's keen to check out a couple of photographic exhibitions that are currently showing.....Doisneau, Paris Les Halles at the Hotel de Ville, and the photographs of Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) at the fabulous Jeu de Paume  Both exhibitions finish end April so it's fortunate that we'll arrive in time to see them.

The other 'must-do' for Pierre is the Bob Dylan, Rock Explosion exhibition at the Cité de la Musique.  Apparently this is the first Dylan exhibit in Europe featuring unpublished photographs, objects, rare documents, audio-visual archives and more!  Guess who's a very BIG Dylan fan?

I'll take a promenade across the Pont des Arts
In the first couple of weeks, I also plan to take my little vintage 'parapluie' (see below) to Maison Heurtault, where Michel Heurtault will restore and recover  it for me   I'll show you the results when it's finished.........I think a Springtime promenade under the arcades of the Palais Royale or across the Pont des Arts will then be in order.  A stroll across that bridge is magic!
My parapluie...which Monsieur Heurtault will soon bring back to life.

And.....I can't wait to visit our local marché to stock up on all those Parisian let's see how my French is progressing......le poulet roti, le pain, les haricot verts, les framboises, maybe tarte au citron and creme fraiche!  Yes.....I'll be attempting to speak French with the locals.....which I'm sure will be hilarious with my Aussi accent......but I'm determined to give it a go. you can see.......Pierre and I have no intentions of being bored in this inspirational city.  I hope you'll enjoy this wonderful adventure with me.

Now...only 44 sleeps to go!!  A bientot.

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  1. Robyn the photos were great but I especially enjoyed the "brolly" and the attached website. Wonderful to think the firm is still in business. Perhaps I should bring my square French umbrella to lunch!

    I hope you are sleeping (44 sleeps to go)and not spending the night working out all your remaining jobs!


    1. Merci beaucoup Christine. Yes, Maison Heurtault's brollies are trés chic - the linked video of Michel Heurtault working is great too.

  2. Hope to be able to share a walk (or several) with you, once you are here!

    1. You can count on that Peter....will email you when I arrive. A bientot.

  3. The Parasolerie Heurtault is delighted to take care of Robyn's umbrella, a new life for this beautiful umbrella, we will post pictures when the recanopying is done.

    1. Merci beaucoup Parasolerie Heurtault......I will be enchanted to meet you and look forward to showing everyone my beautiful recanopied umbrella. A bientot!