Friday, 24 July 2015

At Last!

At last we're in!!

There was a lot of this….squeezing big through small….around corners....up stairwells….up and over balconies….and then the inevitable "it won't fit so it has to go!"  And believe me, lots went.

And now 'the light and lightness'.
Cold misty light streaming  into windows up high….borrowed tropical light from the neighbour's garden enhances our view….and a lightness of possessions….yes, I'm liking this new chapter.
Xiu Xiu loves his new abode too…..and has already taken his place in the sun.
Such a spoilt little chap….but how can I deny him?

Off to Melbourne soon….looking forward to that.

A special date to see Warwick Freeman's new jewellery exhibition at Gallery Funaki…..the "David Bowie is" exhibition is also showing….and a few of Catherine the Great's trinkets, "Masterpieces from the Hermitage" are on show at the National Gallery of Victoria.  I reckon I won't see a 'lightness of possessions' in that exhibition!



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  1. Hello, dear Robyn! Hello, cute little Xiu Xiu! I've been thinking about the two of you quite often as of late, wondering if you were ever going to return to blogging. It seems like ages and it's wonderful to see you again. I'm happy to learn that you are settled into your new place. It looks like you have a marvelous view. I am very happy for you and for your adorable pup who looks comfy and content. Have a fine weekend, dear friend Robyn!

    1. Dear Shady, How are you? I hope you've been well.

      Yes, with boxes and suitcases to unpack, Art to hang, curtains and shutters to be installed etc etc I've been flat out with no time for blogging. And, to be honest, little subject matter other than 'domestic matters and housekeeping' to blog about.

      But I've enjoyed the nesting/settling in process and now ready to blog again....I do enjoy a good chat with all my friends in the blogosphere. There's always something wonderful out there to blog about! I look forward to again reading and enjoying your wonderful, unique blog Shady.

      All the best.


  2. un canapé bleu pour xiu xiu... un magnifique retour sur la blogosphère! biz

  3. Great to have you back in the blogosphere Robyn.......and you must be happy to be settling in at last. Sweet Xiu Xiu looks like he has settled in well!!! and he certainly has good taste, snuggled in his 'H' Blanket. Have lots of fun in Melbourne....I'm sure you will!!! Jude