Monday, 31 August 2015

Paint it Black....

  melbourne   -  rm
I love Melbourne…..its Art scene, its fashion, its architecture, its fabulous restaurants, its caffeine addiction, its trams….even its weather.  I love it all!
awash  -  rm.
pure gold  -  rm      
patina  -  rm              
It's often said that Melbournians always wear 'black'....and that's certainly seems to be true when you look around the streets of this city....but then, so does Brisbane.....and probably the rest of the world! Paris, London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin....they, too, 'paint it black' beautifully.

Wasn't it Yohyi Yamamoto who said, "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.  Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious.  But above all black says this:  "I don't bother you - don't bother me"."

Anyway, for whatever reason, black seems to be the colour of choice for many of us.

But who cares.....wear red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and green....if that's your choice.
It's not all 'painted black' however.  Melbourne's laneways are awash with a kaleidoscope of colour….with street artists, buskers, tour guides, tourists and the odd local taking a short route to somewhere fast!
             hosier lane 1 -  rm            
hosier lane 2  -  rm
Keep on painting it black Melbourne….with splashes of colour on the side!


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  1. Great insight of Melbourne Robyn.....I love Melbourne & the vibe it many layers to this great city that just flow with incredible detail.....not all black either!!! Thanks for bringing a touch of colourful black into my day. Jude

    1. Thanks Jude....we had a great time....and the Curly Flat at Cumulus certainly was a highlight!



  2. Robyn it's looks really fun there and I so hope to visit one day! Love the reflection of you in the store window - and now I'm really curious as to what treasures are offered at Zambesi?

    The musician looks young and adorable - hopefully that guy is heading toward her violin case with a nice monetary donation!

    Black is always beautiful - I've been dragging out my Fall/Winter clothes readying them for the coming cooler weather. Many of which I'll continue to wear, some with my new red coat of course!
    Have a wonderful weekend -

  3. Hi Mary! The Zambesi treasure was the purple beanie! It was freezing when we visited and I've always liked a good beanie! BTW...that guy is the hubster...and yes a nice monetary donation was left!

    I hope you do visit again....and Melbourne should definitely be on your list Mary. The gardens, galleries, restaurants, architecture (and shopping) are all fabulous! So much to see in and around Melbourne....and The Great Ocean Road is just wondrous! So put it on your list Mary....and of course Brisbane!

    Looking forward to your posts and adventures this Fall!


  4. I love Melbourne …..but then again I do live here, and yes there is a lot of black about but it is wintery.

  5. Hi there MV. Melbourne was looking gorgeous this August.....magnolia trees blooming along Gertrude Street, Fitzroy and the most fabulous branches of flowering magnolia in many of the florists!

    Great to hear from you again.