Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rendez-vous with Frédéric

The last two Sundays I've had a rendez-vous with Frédéric.  A musical rendez-vous with Frédéric Chopin that is!

Chopin's romantic music.....performed by two brilliant one of Paris' most romantic gardens....le Jardin du was a very good way to spend Sunday afternoon.

But first.......a little quiet time at the Fountaine Medicis.....
Calm, quiet, serene...and always a chair to relax on.
Then....we gathered at the bandstand......
For...the music of Frédéric Chopin.....
Mischa Kozlowski (classical piano) and Slawek Jaskulke (piano jazz)......
two brilliant young pianists
had the audience mesmerised
with their Chopin interpretations.
And after the concert...tea in the Pavillon de La Fontaine and a short stroll through le Jardin du Luxembourg.
Le Jardin du Luxembourg is dotted with beautiful marble statues
but this statue caught my eye....
George Sand....
famous writer and Chopin's lover.
Simply....a trés bon way to spend Sunday afternoon in Paris.   Merci beaucoup Paris.

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  1. You have captured a perfect pastoral Sunday in Paris beautifully. The light streaming through the trees is sublime. I love how all the outdoor furniture seems the same colour no matter where you are. And, what better than Chopin in the park. I am envious of your wonderful Sunday soirée!

    1. I must admit Di it was a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon....and yes, eau de nil is the perfect colour for Paris' outdoor furniture. J'adore aussi!

  2. You have captured everything! + thank you for slipping me in your pocket(I never tire of our travels) for this lovely

  3. How absolutely beautiful! Lucky you.

    1. I must admit Debra it was a great way to spend a Sunday.

  4. Robyn, I think it absolutely marvellous that you have embraced your move with such a tour de force. Your insatiable appetite for cultural excellence is so inspiring to see.

    Thank you for your lovely comments over at my blog, I do enjoy it when you pop in.

    Of all the people to find our umbrella giveaway I should have known you would have spied it being the 'connoisseur de parapluie'!

    Have a marvellous weekend.