Monday, 10 September 2012

A Day Trip From Paris...Reims

One of the great things about basing ourselves in Paris, is that Pierre and I are easily able to visit other lovely areas in France.  It's just a matter of catching the TGV or  RER and voila....within an hour or two from Paris...we're in Champagne, Versailles, Chartres, Fontainbleau, Loire Valley, Lyon etc.

Champagne was at the top of my list and so we visited Reims, the capital of Champagne, in April.

Reims has many elegant champagne houses that allow tours of their also has a magnificent 800 year old cathedral, Notre-Dame de Reims.   It's truly a gothic masterpiece built by master stonemasons in the 12th century and the site of many French there's lots to see and enjoy in Reims.

Here's a glimpse of our 'champagne' day. 
Reims is a very pretty city...and very easy to walk around.
Notre-Dame de Reims....built in the 12th century.
It's almost as beautiful as Notre-Dame de Paris (below).
The stone carvings on the facade are masterpieces.
Just opposite the cathedral (on this corner)
is a fantastic wine shop...
fantastic fantastic prices!
There are many excellent champagne houses in Reims...we visited Pommery and Mumm.

Pommery's champagne cellars go on forever...and the house also exhibits modern art installations in its caves.  Mumm, one of my favourite tipples, has a vintage champagne museum deep within its caves.
Deep within the caves, a tribute to Louise Pommery.
She must have been quite a woman!
Pommery's modern art
The caves....with many vintage bottles.
I must admit Pierre and I loved the champagne tours.

We learnt about champagne pressings, the importance of Champagne's chalky soil for producing the best champagne, grape varieties used in making champagne, and laughed at famous champagne quotes....and of course, enjoyed a tasting at the end of the tour.

If you get the chance...visit Reims...and don't forget about that little wine shop, on the corner, just opposite the cathedral!  Bargains galore there!
And here's our bargain from that wine shop.
Just as Dom Perignon said, it's like tasting the stars!
Bonne santé!

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  1. Hello:
    Of course we should, and do, love Champagne, but what particularly appeals to us about this post are your superb images of Reims Cathedral which, alas, and to date, we have never seen for ourselves. The carving is, we think, truly out of this world - what a concept and what workmanship all those centuries ago.

    1. It is a masterpiece Jane and Lance....I so enjoyed it. The other wonderful cathedral is in Chartres...that was also fascinating. When you're next in Paris, you might like to see casts of those extraordinary carvings at Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine...a wonderful place to visit if you can't get to the real thing. A bientot.

  2. Hi Robyn,
    I was in Reims last year and visited the Mumm house. What a fascinating tour that is. We spent the rest of a week touring the small independent Champagne houses surrounding Reims. It just confirmed how much I love bubbly! Beautiful pics Robyn. You are keeping so busy!
    Much love

  3. I just found my link to our trip to Mumm, only one photo unfortunately, but we did stay in a wonderful Chateau:

    I love Cristal!

    1. Hi Di...those small independent Champagne houses are superb aren't they...and merci beaucoup for your link. Will check it out. And another Cristal was a special present...for a special birthday!

  4. So beautiful! Louise Pommery,must have been a fascinating soul.

    1. Merci beaucoup Peggy....yes...the Champagne ladies were quite amazing.

  5. I so enjoyed the tour of Reims and all the info you post, so interesting. Thanks!!! Lisa

  6. I am so glad that you mentioned the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris. What a marvel that one can see replicas of so many of France's treasures. My friend Marie and I went to the museum and after seeing Chartres Cathedral, we went promptly to the train station the next morning to spend the day there. I have not seen Reims but it is "on the list."

    Three weeks from today we leave for Paris... lalalalaaaaaaa!

    Love all your posts with photos and stories, dear Robyn.


    1. Hi Genie...enjoy your preparation for Gay Paree...and I look forward to meeting you and your daughter here in Paris.

  7. Robyn ....FYI .. just in case this info has slipped by .... This coming weekend, September 15 and 16, Les Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Days) takes place all over France giving the public an opportunity to visit sites normally off-bounds to "the people." I wonder where you might go ? Enjoy wherever ... just don't want you to miss out.... Enjoying your journey around Europa.. Lili

    1. Thanks for that's on our agenda....and merci beaucoup for the prompt!

  8. Oh WOW! Reims through your lens is beautiful, especially image #6, what an angle you've chosen.
    Robyn please insert Search button or Labels so it be easier to catch up for the new followers like me.
    How long are you staying in Paris?
    If you have time take a couple of days to Strasbourg & Colmar, you'll fill a sketchbook with sweet renderings. And Alsace wine will win your heart.

    1. Hi Natalie...have inserted a Search button...let me know if it's working OK and merci beaucoup for those tips!!