Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mussels in Brussels

Sorry about the title...Mussels in Brussels...but ooohhh....those moules and frites were just so good .....and dare I say it....much, much better than the versions I've tried in Gay Paree.

Our hotel suggested that we try the moules and frites at glad we did, as this was one of those beautiful Art Nouveau grand cafés with dark wood-panelled walls, oval mirrors reflecting dark green lamps....moody, cosy and comforting....the perfect spot for lunch on a cold, grey day in Brussels.

Pierre and I loved Brussels.....its slower pace, its little medieval streets, those rich, creamy luxurious Belgian chocolates and of course, the beautiful Flemish architecture of the Grand Place.  This is Brussels' central square framed by splendid guildhalls adorned with gilded statues et al.  Gaze up...and you think you're in heaven!
Unfortunately I didn't get to the René Magritte Musée...praps next time.
And little Manneken Pis...almost a national symbol...he's short in stature but big in popularity.....
he's everywhere in Brussels (see below).
Not quite sure of the legend behind Manneken Pis....
some say he's modelled on a boy who extinguished a fire,
others say he was a nobleman's son.
Ummmm...looks like he can be very naughty at times too!!
It'll be full-on dieting now.....those Belgian chocolates!!!!!!!!
A post...gorgeous Bruges.

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  1. Hello:
    Although we have passed through Brussels on many an occasion, we have never lingered longer there. Clearly, this is a mistake as there is obviously from what you show and write a wealth of riches to discover in Brussels.

    We have, however, been to Bruges, which we loved and so anticipate your next post with much interest and fond memories.

  2. What grand architecture ... that gold really POPS !! I'll cyber-diet in empathy/jealousy... Lili

  3. such a beautiful city + thank you for the photos.

  4. What great photos - what great architecture. Brussels will not contemplate it in the same way - your post has elevated it.

  5. Yumm! Moules & Frites. Best mussels I've ever eaten were in France. Didn't think they could get much better than that. Brussels is making me hungry! Hope you both enjoy your stay. Jude