Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Just Breathe

Just breathe!!!!  That's all we need to do.
Rushing, rushing rushing this time of year.  

I was so busy yesterday doing last minute Christmas shopping, writing and sending cards, rushing to meet friends for coffee/ice cold drink...all in 40 degrees...I nearly fainted in Oxford Street.  

Not a good look when a girl slumps outside the post office!  Anyway, the old 'head down and bend over'' routine worked and after a little sit down I trundled off to the car, cranked up the air-conditioning and thought...does it really matter if I don't get the last present!!  Not a tap really. it'll just be breathing!  No rushing anywhere.  Here's some 'breathing' inspiration.
On the way to Dayboro....a land of milk and honey....just 30km from Brisbane.
Oh, look you can ride horses....or just follow Mother Duck.
This is the Dayboro 'rubbedy dub' (i.e. pub aka hotel)
There are 'bears' in those hills!!!!!!
Well, not really....just cute, cuddly koalas.
B - R - E - A - T - H - E
So the above is all beautiful Dayboro....a gorgeous spot on the planet.
But I also have a lovely friend who lives in Cooroy.....that's not a bad spot either.
Maybe if I'm a good girl she'll let me do a post in the New Year
on her little piece of paradise in Cooroy!!!!!!!!!!
A little "worker's cottage" in Newmarket, Brisbane....we were on our way to see
Joan Armatrading.  (Joan was brilliant by the way.  Thanks Joan.)
William Jolly Bridge....I love crossing this get a spectacular
view of the city and my favourite spot in Brisbane....GOMA!
The Big, Black, Beautiful Box that is known as  GOMA....Gallery of Modern Art.
You'll hear lots about this place....I'm mad about the box (and the boy, of course)!
Yes, a lot to be said for slowing down and breathing!  You become much more aware don't you think?



P.S.  I'll be doing a Christmas Post next week, just before Santa arrives.  You can also sign up for the automatic email posts that will pop into your inbox if you like.  

And apologies to those who don't want all these photographs popping into their inbox and cluttering things up.  I'm looking into that so you just receive a 'teaser' in your inbox...and then you can click into the posts.
Waiting for Joan.


  1. love all the photos + great

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Darling Peggy (don't worry about the above...just made some spelling errors!!!). Anyway, thank you again for your are great! And should ever you wish to visit Brissie and experience its bright light and freshly scented air just let me know. Ciao, Robyn

  2. It really is much too hot her right now...oh to be somewhere cool!

    1. Yes 'unknown' I agree. Is that you Jude???? But one thing I do like about Brisbane can always escape into air-conditioning...or even better, the beach!! Ciao, Robyn

  3. Looking forward to you breathing some lovely, fresh Cooroy Mountain air Robyn....see you in 2015..Jude Great photos as always

    1. Fresh Cooroy Mountain air....they should bottle it Jude. A perfect paradise in Cooroy....always love to visit your glorious property...and you Jude. See you both on the 1st. Ciao, Robyn