Saturday, 13 December 2014

Water Colours in the Sky

Olly….waiting to see those bonza Brisbane watercolours
The reindeer were out yesterday arvo (aka afternoon) waiting to see another bonza (aka good, great, fantastic) beautiful Brisbane sunset.

The reindeer reckon they're waiting to see the sunset….but I know that Olly, Molly and Dolly are really on the lookout for Santa!  They can't kid me.
Looking, looking, looking...
Just relax'll have to be patient...Santa will be here all in good time.
Brisbane's glorious sunset came on cue….Mother Nature swept her watercolours across the sky in a most confident manner.  Superb! 

The reindeer loved the light show too….though Molly, Olly and Dolly told me they also saw Santa fly across the sky.   In your dreams I said!  Addorable aren't they?

Now…those watercolours…
Peter Possum travels on those overhead power lines almost every night....but he was camera shy yesterday.
Refused to show himself!
Sorry Olly, Molly and Dolly…'s too early for Santa.
It's not him….it's a Brisbane BAT!  I'm not really into bats!!!
As Leonard would say…there's a crack in everything….that's
how the light gets in.
Those tall Queenslanders with their front verandahs catch the breezes beautifully….just imagine,
sitting back, a cold chablis in hand, contemplating the meaning of life.  Bliss non?

Mother Nature isn't bad at combining colours is she…entering through a black passageway into a pink, blue, grey, yellow, lilac, silver and chartreuse wonderment.

You now what Mr Turner uttered on his deathbed don't you (you know, that famous British painter J.M.W. Turner who painted lovely little 'pitchas'.)  "The sun is God."  So true Mr Turner.

Anyway, I'm off to get my watercolours and Yupo paper and make some little pitchas!  Practise, practise, practise.

Bonza beautiful Brisbane non?


P.S.  Here are my little 'pitchas'.  $15 each for the unframed watercolours (+ postage) should anyone wish to take one home for their reindeer.
They'll frame beautifully too….it's amazing how a simple frame (or an ornate one) can really enhance a work!  Take a look.
That's How the Light Gets In "I"
That's How the Light Gets In "II"
That's How the Light Gets In "III"
That's How the Light Gets In "IV"
Parisian collages….created in Paris 2012.
"Paris to Discover"
"Paris - Back to the Beginning" 
And welcome to all my new Romanian blog pleased to have you on the Brisbane Bus with me!

Love it when people comment too!  No pressure though.




  1. Hi ya Robyn. Beautiful work as usual. Good to see you back on the blog. We should catch up for coffee, are you around over the Xmas break?

    1. Would love to Sandra.....I'll get 'my people' to speak with 'your people' tomorrow. OK? Let's hook up for Christmas. Maybe I can do a post on your beautiful Art work Sandra!!! Lots to talk about there! Ciao, Robyn

  2. You are right about the light PRV. And, there needs to be a crack to let it in....there's no perfect offering. I love the contrast between the lines and the palm seed fronds and the sky. That is Brisbane of an Eve. I try not too, but I really like bats!!! I love checking them out when I get close to one. I know they have very dangerous germs and have caused much grief to communities who live near colonies of the creatures.

  3. Oh are soooo precious FF. Love it. And don't worry about liking bats...we're all different darling...that's what makes us interesting! My people must speak to your people soon....about coffee et al. Are you free after Christmas? I can see we are soul mates! Ciao, Robyn.

    1. Robyn, most definitely! I would love to look at your Paris photos and drawings. :D not to mention Hermes scarf tying!!! :D