Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Melbourne Bunnies et al

Street Art….Fitzroy, Melbourne
Have you ever been to Melbourne?  It's the capital of Victoria and I just love it!

People say it's like Paris...but you can be the judge of that.

We go down to Melbourne every year, mostly for the Arts Festival held every October.

Melbourne's architecture, galleries, theatre, fashion, jewellery, flowers, food and wine, hidden lane ways, coffee shops, and residents (you know who you are) are great...that's my code for absolutely fantastic!!!!

I also love their 'new' vintage trams…rattling along the streets.  Maybe the locals don't, but I do!

Melbourne's main streets are wide and spacious...with beautiful parks and blossoms along the way.

And the weather in Melbourne is….ummmm….well let's just say you definitely need a parapluie when visiting!

I adore Melbourne.  You'll probably have lots of posts on this gorgeous city highlighting my favourite places….and there's quite a few.    It's almost as good as Brisbane….I kid you not!
Glorious parks, trees and blossoms are everywhere in Melbourne.
Those little rattlers….trés cute non?
Melbourne's architecture is truly impressive….from Art Deco
to innovative and contemporary.
OK…the laneways and street art may be a little better
in Melbourne than in Brisbane!!!  I'll give the Melbournians
credit for that.
Artists in the hidden laneways hard at it!  I really love the street art
in Melbourne.  It's certainly colourful, often amusing and sometimes quite
political.  Yes, it's good to see that Brisbane too is getting its 'street art mojo'
happening too.  After all, is art of the people, for the people…no elitism here!
Paris was teaming with it…with some of their street artists the new 'rock stars'
of the Art world.  Bring it on I say.
This is Rippon Lea….a mansion of incredible beauty.
If you visit Melbourne, put this home on your 'to do' list.
Gatsby eat your heart out!!!!!!
Now…doesn't this look familiar?  I think I've seen a garden
like this somewhere in Europe.
Such cuties!  Oh look….even Pierre takes a parapluie to Melbourne when he visits!
You just never can tell what that Melbourne weather will do.
Aahhh…Flowers Vasette, Fitzroy…you make my heart sing!
And last but not least….the food!
There's every cuisine in Melbourne…think Chinese, Italian, Russian,
Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish, French….and so it goes.
This is Cumulus….top of Flinders Lane and one of my current favourites.
But then there's also The European, France-Soir, Di Stasio's, Florentinos, Becco, Ladro etc etc etc.

Can't wait to visit Melbourne again….we're going again next August….something very special to do that month!
Ciao, Robyn!


  1. Lovely to be reading your blog again. And thank you for the homage to my town... we had a great time didn't we?

    1. Yes we did darling Soula…..aka that fabulous portrait painter who is soon to be having a wondrous exhibition in Hobart on 6 March at the Penny Contemporary Gallery!!!!!!!!! I'll be there that's for sure!

  2. Great to be reading your blog again and thanks for paying homage to my town. We had a great time meeting. Cannot wait to catch up again. xx

    1. See you on 6 March Soula at Penny Contemporary, Hobart. I haven't asked you yet but I'd love to do a post on your portrait exhibition. I suppose you're slaving away at it now as I'm posting this…but you don't have to try too hard…I know it will be great...'cos you are! And I shouldn't categorise you should I?? Soula is not 'just' a portrait painter…she is a woman of immense talent…and grit. Oh...and her husband, Theo isn't bad either! A most creative duo. Check out their website…ooi design website.

  3. Wonderful insight into another great Aussie city Robyn....beautifully captured....Jude

    1. Thanks Jude...I think you would concur with me regarding some of those restaurants Jude!!!! And of course I should have mentioned those marvellous wineries down Melbourne Curly Flat! I hear the Winemaker and Assistant Winemaker there really know their stuff!!! Ciao, Robyn