Sunday, 21 December 2014

We're On a Mission

I love Brisbane at Christmas time.  It's hot, the light is bright, the air fresh, scented with frangipani and there's green everywhere.

There's a fair bit of champagne around too….but that's always a good thing.  What was it that Winston said?  "In war we need it and in victory we deserve it."  Something like that anyway!

Saturday saw lots of people out and about doing their "Christmas thing".  We were on a mission!

Well, it was good to be on a mission in light of the shocking events of this week.

I considered not doing a post as a sign of respect to those innocent citizens and children who died in shocking circumstances this week in Cairns and Sydney.

But then I thought…no…let's raise the issue…and appreciate people celebrating life…respecting themselves and others.   I mean, isn't that what it's really about.

So dear readers…here's Brisbane….5 days out from Christmas Day.
The beautiful Jay and Peter….down from Darwin and celebrating in Brisbane.
We're on a mission!
Walking, walking, walking… where can I
get that special gift?
Even pooches know how to share the love.
Have a look below.
So adorable.
Clearly thinks he's a celebrity!
Yes, the mission was going very well
but I needed a little rest.
And is that champers
that I can see?
Walking, walking, walking….searching, searching, searching….it's hard work being Santa's helper.
In Brisbane at Christmas…it tends to be quite hot.
So, to escape the heat, we all go to the cinema…this is Palace Centro Cinema.
"Rembrandt", the documentary, was showing….I was on a mission to see it.
Rembrandt was an amazing artist.  He showed such emotion and insight.
Should be more of that I reckon. 
If you want to look gorgeous in Brisbane (or anywhere for that matter)…then head here.
 Camargue will find the perfect 'ensemble' for you.
Trés, très bon!!
This is Jessy…the owner and designer
of The Molten Store….all the mothers, daughters and grandmothers
were there….well, a girl needs a jewel or 3!
Santa absolutely insists that a girl be
well-jewelled and adorned on Christmas Day,
We're all gorgeous like this in Brisbane.
You're a *STAR* Jessy.
Pooches were waiting patiently as their owners shopped
for watermelon, cherries, peaches and pineapples.

All good fare for Christmas.
I made Drunken Cherries for friends this year.
I think they'll enjoy them.  
The most beautiful person….from the UK.
She just loves Brissie!
Brisbane Relaxed Style…parfait non?
Chanel chapeau….an essential accessory in Brisbane.
You bew-dee (aka beauty)!!!
And yes, we really are that friendly.
Hope good times come your way this Christmas…wherever you are lucky enough to celebrate it.

I'll try to do another quick post just before Christmas Day…if I get time between all the cooking!


BIG THANK YOU my Albany Creek friends….your Christmas
bouquet has made our home look beautiful this Christmas.


  1. PRB!!! I love this style post about Brisbane!! It captures Brisbane style beautifully! :D xxx

    1. Thanks Flora Fascinata. Well, you know day perfect, the next sensational! Have you finished those pooch portraits yet? Let me know when they go up.....I have to see them....couldn't book "M".....closed on Christmas Eve.....trés sensible non? Ciao, Robyn

  2. C'est James Street non?? Shopping still looking great in Brisbane...and how great to have the Çru bar for a shopping reviver...Cheers Jude

    1. Oui, oui Jude....James Street, New Farm. Trés chic non??? Always need those revivers...steady as it goes these days Jude. Ciao, R.

  3. great read! light, refreshing and great street viewing value! Thank you for including us it was great to meet such a passionate bubbly personality,
    Cheers Robyn!
    Pete & Jay

  4. Great reading and street action! Thankyou for including us in your blog. Always great to meet passionate souls.
    Cheers Robyn!
    Jay & Pete