Friday, 5 December 2014

Welcome to My New 'Hood's nearly 2 years since my last proper Paris December 2012.

Anyway, Pierre and I returned to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 2013....seriously downsized....refurbished....sold our beautiful home overlooking Bunyaville Forest Reserve....and flew away to our new townhouse (yet to be completed).
It was time to leave our
beautiful forest....but I wasn't leaving those rusty balls.
They'll just fit into the new townhouse garden!
We're living close to the new build....2 minutes away so we can watch the walls and roof go up etc.

Our new 'hood is truly wonderful, incredibly friendly and extremely swish!  It's Hawthorne, a suburb of Brisbane in sunny Queensland.

So....I've decided to relaunch my blog and call it "Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond".   You'll see glimpses of home and beyond....all with an Art focus and a celebration of life.

We had 9 months in Paris in was wonderful....but as they say....there's no place like home.

I mean....have a look at Brisbane.

It's a magical city teeming with all the best things in life....great food, beautiful sunshine, fresh air, fabulous galleries, tropical homes on stilts called Queenslanders, tropical storms at Christmas time and friendly Queenslanders (the unique species of people living here) just to name a few of our attractions.  I guess since living overseas, I've a new appreciation of just how gorgeous my home is.

Even the President adored it when he visited recently for the G20!

And....if ever you want to house swap.....

Brisbane showing off for the G20
Our John Oxley research library are divine
My new 'hood....emerald and scarlet
4pm and tropical storm brewing....but I want to go to the Evening Christmas Market down
at the local park!!!
Smell that storm....but could be a fizzer!
A long time ago I got married under a Frangipani tree....divine scent
This is my first visit to the local market...about 500 yards away.
Christmas decorations pefectly positioned on a gum tree...and look at
that rusty roof....this is definitely my kinda 'hood.
That's for sure!!!!!!!!!
That most interesting and unique species....a naturally friendly Queenslander.
I kid you not!!!
Yep!! Santa arrived and brought the rain...but we kids didn't care.
Onya (slang for 'good on you') Santa!!!
Oh come on Santa....the season hasn't even started yet!  Get real!!!! are B - U - T - FUL!
I hope you enjoy "Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond"'ll have a slightly different focus to my last blog....not Paris....but there'll still be lots of beautiful places and events for you to enjoy.

Feels good to be blogging again too....though I recently read that blogging is now 'ancient history"!!!!




  1. Robyn!!!! We are all excited you are back! Let's be ancient historians together! You have captured quintessential Brizzy! Xx

    1. pleased you're still following. Yes, I've always liked the Antiquities and anyway I like going against the norm....just a little bit! How have you been? Still doing all that marvellous jetting about! We'll have to hook up in Brizzie some time.

  2. Blogging is passé? Tant pis pour nous...

    So glad to see you back Robyn and I look forward to enjoying regular visits to Brisbane through your blog.


    1. Couldn't have said it better Genie!!!!!! So lovely to see and hear from you again! There'll be Brisbane and lots of other wonderful places too Genie...think Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Auckland, Noosa, Ipswich, Adelaide, Great Ocean Drive, Murwillimbah etc etc etc....Ciao, Robyn

  3. Nice to see you here. Your new place looks beautiful. i'll be back soon.

    1. Hi wonderful to hear from you know, you are the inspiration for this Brisbane phase of my blog. You're painting always....hope things are going well with the exhibition. Australia would LOVE you Art!!!!!!!!! Ciao, Robyn

  4. Lovely to have you blogging again Robyn.....and you won't believe this, but I have been inside that little yellow & blue queenslander-style house!! Small world ,non??? Jude

    1. That's incredible Jude. Well, we are just across the way. Loving it many adventures await! How goes the beautiful Cooroy? Maybe Cooroy would make a beautiful post Jude. Kangaroos, kookaburras, gum trees galore, orchids, grape covered arbours, billabongs, beautiful Australian/French abodes...oh the list goes on! Ciao, Robyn

  5. Robyn,
    So wonderful to read your email this morning and great to see you back. I always love your perspective on things, great photos and it looks like Brisbane is the perfect place for your creative skills. I have been a bit lazy with my blog, but maybe we can start this thing again together. Look forward to more posts. Great to have you back. Speak soon.

    1. Oh thank you Di and sounds like a great plan. We need beautiful blogs like yours on the internet!!!!! I've missed you. And when did you say you're sailing to Australia? There's a spot to moor your boat right in front of that little ferry on the Brisbane River. I'll reserve it for you if you like and I'll show you Brissie my dear!! It could be great fun. Think about it!!!! Ciao, Robyn

  6. Nice to hear you are back Robyn.
    Brisbane looks like an amazing city.The vibrant colours of the cityscape and surrounding neighborhoods are the perfect inspiration for your paintbrush.
    Welcome home!
    Paul xx

    1. are B - U - T- FUL too!!! Thank you so much....and when are we going to see a photograph of that gorgeous beard of yours? Mind you, the present photo looks quite smashing!!!! Ciao, Robyn

  7. Replies
    1. Lovely to see you again too Mrs MV.....I see you're still cooking up all those deliciious meals. The pumpkin soups looks good....extremely yummy in fact! You're so fortunate to be living in wonderfu Melbourne. I guess you could open a restaurant you know so much about cooking! Ciao, Robyn