Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Parisian Inspiration and Creation

Where to start...there's so much inspiration in Paris....galleries, beautiful gardens, people, flea markets, architecture, festivals, celebrations and the simple pleasures of just soaking up the city...the list seems inexhaustible.

During my exploration of this wonderful city I've been gathering bits and pieces and letting my imagination flow....and seeing what develops.

I've started working on just seems right to be making these here in Paris.  The city is really a huge collage of different arrondissements each with its own colour, personality and soul...all form one beautiful Parisian collage.  The apartment too, is big enough for me to be able to spread out and make a glorious mess (and hopefully some interesting creations.)'s some of my bits and pieces and creations (just little warm-ups though...I've been a bit busy having fun!!):

(1)  Vintage cards and magazines from Les Archives De La Presse on rue des Archives
I rummaged through neatly labelled boxes for these lovely vintage cartes/cards...
and in a little shop in Montmartre (Tombées du Camion)
I found Le Nil cigarette papers and 1950s necklace closures.
Didn't know how I would use them...
but knew I would think of something.
Everything boxed up you can easily find your treasure.
With all this incredible loot, I thought collages on the theme...Le Jardin dans l'Été/the garden in summer could work....
The Garden in Summer assemblage....Le Jardin dans l'Été
Cartes postale on the theme.
Displaying the collages in vintage frames could look good I think....perhaps from l'Object qui Parle/the Object that Speaks.......I've had a quick snorkel in this quirky brocante but have to go back for a good rummage.
What a joint...and l'Objet qui Parle is close to home on rue des Martyrs.
Lots of 'stuff' but perhaps I'll find the perfect vintage frames here!
Now what can I do with these antlers?
I'll think of something.
(2)  Arts and crafts at the Marché Parisian de la Création on Boulevard Edgard Quinet.  Spent a morning here where I found Ania's chapeaux pour la pluie (for the rain) and was fascinated by beautiful wing paintings created by one of the artists.  The artists were friendly and amused by my 'crazy' I'll go back for another look...because their work was fantastic and very affordable!
That's my beautiful chapeau in the front...teal and orange.
I may have to go back for this one I think.
And so...with me feeling as free as a bird in Paris...and with a new chapeau...I created little whimsical collages and more cartes postal with birds wearing trés chic chapeau.  I've called the assemblage...C'est fly like a bird.  Will need to develop them some more...but I think they have possibilities.
Bird/Chapeau assemblage.... C'est fly like a bird.
(3)  And then there were the covered passages in the 9th arrondissement...but more about these in a later post.  Here's a couple of was stamp, postcard and letters ancienne heaven!!

These hidden passages are intriguing...and the perfect
spot for a quiet lunch and people watch.
Parfait.....for collages!


  1. all the collages are divine + I adore antlers!

    1. Merci beaucoup Peggy...just little warm-ups. I adore those antlers too.

  2. It’s lovely to see your art work, love the bird collages BUT Robyn; walk away from those antlers!
    You sound like you’re in heaven at the moment so many interesting places to investigate and exercise your creativity.
    Once again the photo’s are amazing Titus and I both enjoyed scrolling through them.
    Take care & bye for now

    1. Merci beaucoup Linda....funny thing about the antlers....that's exactly what Pierre said!

  3. Your collages are gorgeous. Your creative juices must be overflowing, so many different and exciting resources for your work. I think I'd spin out!!! Beautiful photographs as always. Thanks Robyn. Jude

    1. Sometimes you do spin out's like...where do I start?

  4. You are having fun lots of rummaging being done! Beautiful collages and thank-you for the Bob Dylan tip sounds great will try to visit!
    Carla x

    1. Mon plaisir'll love the black and white many iconic ones but others that I've never seen before. And you get le musiqué you stroll thru the exhibition!! Love your blog by the way.

  5. Your collages are fabulous and the fun you must have collecting treasures has to be unbelievable! Thank you so much for sharing! Lisa

    1. The marchés are great fun much is on offer. A bientot.

  6. Oh Robyn you've got memories flowing for me. Wasn't that 'presse' shop in the Marais INCREDIBLE. I think if you visited every day you were staying in Paris you probably wouldn't get around to seeing all their stock. What bliss to have time in Paris. And it shows in your beautiful art. Slow and calm, fresh, your rennaissance!
    I look forward to more posts and collages, they are such a fun way to explore ideas.
    We just have to get over there next. I don't think there's any place like Paris. Their embrace of culture and constant regurgitation of history/art/ideas is a wonderful inspiration for me.

    1. Thanks so much for this lovely message Soula....I'm working on the 'slow'....a good way to can actually see so much more when you slow down the pace! Currently in's a jewel box. A bientot.