Saturday, 9 June 2012

J'aime Nouvelle Athénes

Our new apartment is trés, trés bien...larger than our previous apartment in Montmartre and located in a very nice quartier...le Saint Georges quartier.

The quartier is in a district known as La Nouvelle Athé area first developed in the 1820s for the rising professional class of the industrial era.

Many of the grand mansions in La Nouvelle Athénes have a neo-classical design featuring large porches, cast-iron balcony railings as well as intricate mouldings and friezes.   The area was once loved by artists and musicians including Chopin, George Sand, Jean Cocteau, Delacroix, Gustav Moreau...(our apartment is in the same street as Gustav's maison and atelier!)  And today you can still see many music shops, artists' ateliers and framing studios in La Nouvelle Athénes and St well as the more modern boutiques, cafés, marchés, bookstores et al.

Our 3rd floor apartment has those creaking parquet floors that I love, 6 glorious windows framing a Parisian sky and a trés, trés petite (2 person) lift....absolutely essential after a long day of exploring...who wants to climb stairs!

After a week of unpacking and moving things about (as you do).....the apartment, at last, feels like home.

So now here's a little peek at La Nouvelle Athénes.
Here's a couple of shots of the has everything we need...
and should be a comfortable base for the next year.
Now you can see why I needed to ship my Fedex boxes...I wish I could be more minimal...but I'm not good at it!
So...this is where I am at present....happily blogging!
A little late this week.....
but I've been flat out settling into the new apartment.
The flower boxes across from our apartment are gorgeous.  They're filled with red and pink geraniums.
Side view from our apartment....the dramatic architecture of St Georges.
The mansion below is beautiful and so grand...
I'm sure there's a story here!
I love these apartments just across from our apartment...
they're currently being refurbished...morning, noon and night!
Rue des Martyrs...
the more I get to know this market street
the more I like it.
It has everything......
Fantastic boulangeries
Fresh seafood
Wonderful legumes and fruits
Great cafés
Creative breads and interior decoration too.
Fab music shops are everywhere in La Nouvelle Athénes and St Georges.
The shutters look decorative....but people really need them here....
twilight doesn't arrive until about 10.30pm.....
so if you want to get to sleep before midnight.....
the shutters help to darken bedrooms for dreaming!
(The light has been our greatest challenge here in Paris!)
Le Muselet is a new champagne bar close to home....could this be a problem for Pierre et moi?
And I'm sure you know that a muselet/muzzle is the wire cage around the cork.
(Bernadette O'Shea, Brisbane's champagne consultant, taught me that!)
Beautiful mouldings and friezes in La Nouvelle Athénes

Of course...lots of l'armour in La Nouvelle Athénes..well, it is Paris!
And...our local florist brings his 2 darlings to work with him every day.....what's not to love about them!

Hope you liked this little and white images just seem to suit La Nouvelle Athé's a real Parisian neighbourhood....a little bit gritty...a little bit rock 'n roll...we love it!

A bientôt.

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  1. Your new apartment looks amazing, I love the dining area. Naturally your addition of fresh flowers makes it look homely. Renovations across the street I take it there is no noice curfew. The streetscape is just WOW but those dogs made me smile.
    bye for now.

    1. Bonjour Linda....yes, our new apartment is really comfortable....and no probs with any noise.....the apartments are so quiet here (must be the double glazing etc etc). And aren't those little pugs cute? Almost as cute as Bailey!!!!

  2. SO so so wonderful! Your new home looks beautifully perfect! You are the lucky one. Enjoy every minute my friend~~

    1. Merci beaucoup FrenchBlue....and now for lots of wonderful exploring!

  3. Merci Beaucoup!!
    True Paris.Every pics tells the story.Your apartmentlooks the real deal with the perfect street scape.We are back from Uk and a week with our mates in the South of France.Rain.rain and cold every where but we soldiered on.Got to the British Museum after years of waiting.Looking at renting an apartment next year in Paris so.....perhaps.Enjoy every moment.Have a Pastis pour moi.

    1. Salut Robin...glad to hear you made it back home safely. And it's still raining here in Paris! The apartment next year sounds like a 'trés, trés bon' idea! Will definitely have that Pastis pour vous! A bientot.

  4. Such beautiful pictures + your new apt. is perfect.

    1. Merci beaucoup Peggy. Yes, it is perfect for us.

  5. Bonjour Robyn & Pierre,
    hope your apartment is 'parfait' and you are both settling in. The Hermes touch must make it feel like home. I think I'd be frequenting le bar a champagne quite often!! (That's after I've given the gorgeous pugs a cuddle) Lovely photos as always. (and the flowers are lovely and look so much like thistles Robyn) Jude

  6. A place to call home... perfect!