Saturday, 16 June 2012

London Calling II

Just returned from London Town...and what a time we had.

London was definitely in party Jubilee celebrations and pre-Olympics.

Everyone was smiling...and partying.  Those Brits really know how to "git down".

Didn't get to Harvey Nichols...the closest I got was a drive past in one of London's black cabs.

Pina Bausch was BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT as I knew she would be.....and last night we had the best time listening to Reuben Wilson (a godfather of groove!) at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club...that famous jazz club that's hosted all the greats.

Pierre and I did manage to squeeze in a couple of exhibitions.....the Picasso Exhibition at the Tate Britain was wonderful.....and we spent a fab day snorkelling around Wallace House and taking in all those treasures that make up The Wallace Collection.  If you haven't visited The Wallace Collection then you might like to put it on your "Must Do" is the most wonderful place to visit......a jewel box filled with jewels!

As the Poms would say....we had a brilliant time in London.

(1)  The Knigtsbridge
Stayed at one of Kit Kemp's gorgeous time you're in London,
 do yourself a favour and stay in one of her hotels.....
they're gorgeous.
That's our room...overlooking the Union Jack.
The drawing room for guests
The library......a fab spot for a vin rouge
The artworks in the hotel are all exciting.  Kit sources
them from local artists in and around London.
Harrods was dressed up like the grand lady she is!
Harvey Nichols was in sale mode and the city in party mode.
(2)  The Wallace Collection......this was a wonderful discovery......the mansion is filled with treasures from France and England. 

The collection, which can be traced back to Jane Seymour's brother, consists of 18th century artworks, porcelain, jewels, snuff boxes, furniture, armoury etc etc.  The fabulous Vivienne Westwood describes it in this video.....
The Wallace Collection is a must-see if you're interested in Art History....and it's free!
The detail on the Sevrés porcelain was exquisite.
There were Rembrandts, Bouchets, Fragonards, Canelettos, Reubens et al
Gorgeous Sevrés teal blues, pinks and midnight blue.
Fragonard's naughty painting of a beautiful lady
on a swing
and a gentleman
enjoying 'the view'.....
very risqué for 18th century!
Here's more about it....
Medallions of Marie-Antoinette and Louis (see below)....created and produced
as wedding gifts for the royal couples'  favourites.  (When you see this sort
of extravagance, you understand why there was a Revolution!)
The treasures of The Wallace Collection....what a way
to study Art History of the 18th century!
The golden treasures just went on and on...
So many Canaletto's.....his details of Venice are extraordinary....and the canal reflections superb!
And I adored this beautiful tortoiseshell mirror with gold and brass inlay....
no doubt, a  royal lady (see the crown at the top)
would have used this for her 'toilette'.  
And when all the jewels get too can have a cuppa
in the beautiful tearoom.
(3)  The Picasso Exhibition....this was a superb exhibition at the Tate Britain which showed Picasso's influence on British artists like David Hockney, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon et al. Picasso was, quite simply, a genius and I could have visited this exhibition again and was brilliant.
Loved the collage walls as we walked into the exhibition...
note to self......
gather up all those French vintage papers, stamps and postcards
and create a Parisian collage (soon)!

These images of Picasso's artwork are commercial prints
as no photos were allowed inside the exhibition.
Picasso considered "The Three Dancers" above
as one of his greatest works.....
he described it as a 'real' painting
and actually donated it to
the Tate Gallery.
All his paintings looked pretty 'real' to me....they were extraordinary.
She was so beautiful....Marie Therése...I love the way her face
and her lover's face are one.
Picasso....he turned Art on its head
and many artists have followed his lead.
Space, line, colour and his unique style....all inspirational.
The exhibition was held at the Tate Britain....right on the Thames....and a pretty place
for a stroll after the exhibition. you can see...we had a fab time in London Town.

Next month...we're off to Antwerp....can't wait.

A bientôt.

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  1. What a marvelous trip you had! That's another great thing about your move to Paris...close proximity to that "other fabulous city". I am enjoying reading about your glamourous life, and living it vicariously with you! We'll be in Paris on the 11th of July, We should meet for a vin, if you're not in Antwerp...

    1. Avec plaisir Dawne...I would love to meet for a vin....I'll email you. A bientot.

  2. I adore all your pictures + I love London!

    1. Peggy...I adore London too. A bientot.

  3. Great post,I really like your article

    1. Merci beaucoup...London is always fascinating.

  4. Feel Like I've been to London too! Thanks Robyn. Jude

    1. You'll enjoy Antwerp next month Jude....I hope.